Desperate Islamofascists Use Female Suicide Bombers

BAGHDAD: Female bombers struck Kurdish political protesters in Kirkuk and Shiite pilgrims in Baghdad on Monday morning, leaving at least 48 people dead and 249 wounded in one of the bloodiest sequences of attacks in Iraq this year.

The bombing in Kirkuk immediately set the city on edge. Many Kurds believed the city’s ethnic Turkmen were behind the blast and retaliated by attacking Turkmen political parties. At least 24 people were killed and 187 wounded when a female suicide bomber blew herself up amid thousands of Kurdish demonstrators who had gathered near the provincial headquarters building, said Brigadier General Burhan Tayyib Taha of the Iraqi police in Kirkuk.

After the blast, the Kurdish demonstrators attacked the headquarters of Turkmen parties near the site of the attack, he said. “They burned Turkmen buildings and they burned many cars,” he said. Security forces instituted a curfew.

Kurds, Turkmen and Arabs are vying for power in Kirkuk — a city long considered a tinderbox because of its volatile ethnic mix — and rival parties traded accusations about the violence that followed the initial blast.

A Kurdish member of the provincial council, Mohammed Kamal, accused Turkmen extremists of carrying out the attack and said that after the blast, shots had been fired at panicked Kurdish demonstrators from a nearby building owned by Turkmen. “Many protesters were killed and injured by the shooting,” he said.

……In the attacks in Baghdad, three women used suicide vests and a bomb in a bag to kill 24 people, all of them apparently Shiite pilgrims marching in a festival, according to an official at the Interior Ministry. The dead included at least four children, one of them an infant, and there were at least 62 other people wounded, according to police officials and witnesses.

……The second attack occurred inside a tent that provided shade and rest for female marchers. The female bomber walked into the tent, sat down and, according to a police official, Abu Ali, read the Koran with the women sitting inside. When she exited the tent, she left a bag behind, and moments later, it exploded, killing one and wounding four, he said.


Gotta love those Islamofascist zealots. They’re not averse to putting aside their oppressive misogynist doctrine long enough, in a show of “equal opportunity”, to encourage their women to wade into unsuspecting crowds with bombs stapped under their Burqas.

That last one shows the unremorseful kind of Islamic trash that’s capable of such atrocities. She went into the tent, prayed with them, and left them to die.

Ironically, they feel empowered by the same brutal religious indoctrination that subjugates them.

Allah U Fuckbar.

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