Anti-War “Talent”

The latest retching contribution to the “artworld” is an exhibit by “Artists Against the War”, courtesy of the Society of Illustrators.  Not just any  war you understand, but only  when the United States is involved.

A sample of their “support the troops” work:



Yep, makes this old Soldier real proud of their “tributes”. *gag*

They try to mask their hatred with condescending, phony sentiment:

These works of art will give a voice to those whose views are not represented by the mainstream media. We will be using this forum as a way to support those most directly affected by the harsh consequences of military combat—the brave men and women who serve their country as well as their family members who must live with the affects of war long after the parades are over.


That is a humongous load of disingenous bullshit. They don’t give a damn  about American troops or what it takes to make sure none of them are forced to knuckle under the Caliphate envisoned by Bin Laden. The only time they concern themselves with ‘parades’ is when the gaggle of idiots show up holding the requisite pro-Islamofascist, “BushHitler”, and “Soldiers=Nazis and terrorists” placards.

A sample gallery of marching morons:

They “support the troops”:


A “salute” to some of the 9/11 victims:


Showing off the latest in terrorist chic:


This one praises the muslim fuckstick who murdered fellow Soldiers in Kuwait, and was subsequently sentenced to death by Courts Martial. Hasan Akbar used grenades and his M4 to kill CPT. Christopher Scott Seifert, an S2 Officer in one of our 101st Airborne brigades, and wound 15 others. I was right down the road at Camp Udari when it happened. Akbar should be glad none of us were able to get our hands on him. He wouldn’t have made it to trial.


And surprise, they’re also a bit racist:


More pictures of their idiocy (if you can stand it) can be found here:


The “theme” of the exhibit is: “We portray you as pawns in “Bush’s War”, and with troop-bashing images, because we care.” 

Somewhere, Joseph Goebbels is smiling.

I sent them this e-mail:

I love it. It’s fabulous!
Could you paint some of the dead bodies I created on 9/11?

Love and kisses,
Osama Bin Laden

Too bad they probably won’t get it.

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