Dartmouth students walk out on Bubba

HANOVER, N.H. — About thirty minutes into Bill Clinton’s nearly two-hour stop here at Dartmouth College, a steady stream of students started walking out of the venue.  Moments later, Clinton — his voice hoarse, sometimes cracking — took arguably the toughest question of the night, courtesy of a tall, blond 19-year old freshman wearing a bright red sweater. “My main concern is, if Hillary were elected, it would create a dynastification of American politics. Bush, Clinton, Bush. What do you think?” asked Sebastian Ramirez, standing less than a hundred feet from the former president.Clinton responded, to rolling laughter across the room, “I’m not responsible for the 12 years that the American people gave to the Bushes.”

Nah,you were just responsible for 8 years of a Clinton/Gore crime spree.

……But many of the students in the room, judging from more than two dozen interviews, are supporters of Sen. Barack Obama. They plan to vote for him tomorrow night.

“I am not anti-Hillary, I am not anti-Clinton, I love Bill Clinton. But I just think we need a fresh start, a new face,” Ramirez told The Trail. “All my life I’ve known the Clintons. As much as I like them, it’s time for someone like Barack.”

Friends Allie Landers, Jenna Smith and Marina Galkina echoed Ramirez. The three stopped by to get a glimpse of Clinton. But they headed for the doors just a few minutes after they got there. They’re Obama supporters.

“I think it’s really hard that you’re campaigning for change — Clinton’s been using that word a lot too — when, if you were elected, then the past presidents would be Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton,” said Landers, 21.

Added Smith, also 21: “I’m from New York. I think Hillary has done a good job as a senator, but it was just her stepping stone. And, for some reason, for whatever reason, I just don’t like her.”


The students, rather than demonstrating cognizance as to why they shouldn’t like her, have opted to vote for Obama, who is just as weak as Hillary on national security, illegal immigration, and the war on Islamofascism.

There are plenty of explicit reasons not to like her, not the least of which, is the fact that she was the third party in the Clinton/Gore crime spree not just during Bubba’s tenure as Arkansas governor, but throughout their White House residency.

Both Bill and Hillary Clinton violated the privacy rights of their perceived political enemies by illegally obtaining the FBI files of the Reagan and first Bush Administration staffers, among others. Over 900 files were gleaned during “Filegate.” Some of them were used to smear the women who charged Bill with sexual misconduct. When faced with discovery, the Clinton-Gore White House launched a cover-up and refused to relinquish the documents as required by a court subpoena. She was complicit through involvement and/or direct knowledge of every felony committed by her husband and his friends.

A compliation of the Clinton’s criminal legacy can be found here:

Link: http://www.davidstuff.com/political/whitewater.htm

Looks like Slick Willie is losing the “youth vote”.

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