As a Matter of Fact, the Dem Fascists Do Want to Go Door-to-Door and Confiscate Your Guns

The Dems war on the Second Amendment.

From Breitbart.

In a mistake that probably wasn’t a mistake, a Washington state bill sponsored by liberal Democrats contained a little-noticed provision that would have called for the police to have the right to search private citizens’ home once per year if they own certain types of guns. According to Senate Bill 5737:
“In order to continue to possess an assault weapon that was legally possessed on the effective date of this section, the person possessing shall … safely and securely store the assault weapon. The sheriff of the county may, no more than once per year, conduct an inspection to ensure compliance with this subsection.”

In other words, kiss the Fourth Amendment goodbye. Liberal lawmakers behind the bill claim they have no knowledge of the provision – which, of course, begs the question as to how the provision got into the bill in the first place. “I have to admit it shouldn’t be in there,” said Sen. Ed Murray (D-Seattle). “I made a mistake,” said Sen. Adam Kline (D-Seattle). “I frankly should have vetted this more closely.”

This was likely no mistake. It’s hard to believe that a bill could advance this far without anyone reading it for such an obvious violation of Constitutional principles. But in an age of ever-bigger government and ever-smaller rights, anything is possible.

Oh, it was no mistake. Murray and Kline deliberately put this proposal out there, even though they knew that public outrage would force them to backtrack. This kind of tactic is used by the Dems to “create discussion” and plant a seed for further government intrusion into individual liberties.

How do you think ObamaCare got started? The idea of government-controlled healthcare has been in the works for years. The Dems simply waited until they attained a majority in both houses of the legislature so they could ram the Constitutional violation into law.

Protect your liberties from these tyrants or you will lose them.


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2 thoughts on “As a Matter of Fact, the Dem Fascists Do Want to Go Door-to-Door and Confiscate Your Guns”

  1. You do know that the Washington state senate where this bill appears to have been withdrawn has nothing to do with Barack Obama, and that Washington DC is a completely separate entity right?

    1. aaron,
      You do realize they snuck that in and would never have backed off had it not been for a backlash, and that their little tactic is part and parcel of Obama’s anti-gun agenda, right?

      SFC MAC

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