As California Incinerates (Again), Celebrities’ Homes Go up in Flames

Well, there’s at least one good thing about the latest wildfire.


  • Kim Kardashian West and her sisters have had to leave their homes.
  • Lady Gaga, Melissa Etheridge, Alyssa Milano and other celebrities tweeted that they also had to evacuate.
  • Liam Payne says he was worried he was going to lose his home.
  • Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s house is threatened by the fire.
  • Martin Sheen said Saturday he believes his home was destroyed by the Woolsey Fire….
  • Actor Orlando Bloom shared a photo on Instagram of his street with flames burning on a nearby hillside…


Miley Cyrus’ house is now reduced to ashes.

Liberals are really pissed about rich celebrities who had the foresight to pay for firefighting services to protect their houses:


This is how capitalism works as opposed to socialism.  Californians are stuck with the latter, thanks to their government’s garbage policies.

As Southern California homeowners watch their lives go up in flames, they may want to pause a moment and credit the assclowns in the Sierra Club and the “Center for Biological Diversity”,  for creating obstacles to wildfire prevention.

In 2003, Dr. Thomas M. Bonnicksen, a forest ecologist and professor in the Department of Forest Science at Texas A&M University, gave the following remarks in a testimony before Congress:

……If we looked back two hundred years, 91 percent of our forests were more open because Indian and lightning fires burned regularly. These were mostly gentle fires that stayed on the ground as they wandered around under the trees. You could walk over the flames without burning your legs even though they occasionally flared up and killed small groups of trees. Such hot spots kept forests diverse by creating openings where young trees and shrubs could grow.

Fires burned often enough in historic forests to clear dead wood and small trees from under the big trees, and they thinned some of the weak and diseased big trees as well. These were sunny forests that explorers described as open enough to gallop a horse through without hitting a tree. Open and patchy forests like this also were immune from monster fires like those that recently scorched Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, and California.

Our forests look different today. They are crowded with trees of all sizes and filled with logs and dead trees. You can barely walk through them, let alone ride a horse.

Now monster fires and hordes of insects are devouring trees with unprecedented ferocity because our forests are so dense. The role of drought in causing the problem is overstated. Drought contributes to the crisis, but it is not the underlying cause. There are simply too many trees.

In the case of Southern California, the drought added more stress to an already unhealthy and dangerous forest, so bark beetles took control. They made the wildfire danger even more critical by killing trees, turning them into instant fuel. The smallest spark could cause a human catastrophe.

We know how we got into this fix: forest management stalled because environmental activists, government officials, and politicians engaged in endless debates on how to look after our forests. Central to the debate is that environmentalists want thick forests. They lobbied for years to convert forests to old growth, which they define as dense, multi-layered, and filled with dead trees and logs. Meanwhile, trees grew and forests became thicker because they care nothing about politics. Now insects riddle our trees with holes and wildfires turn them into charcoal.

The debates continue, and bark beetles have taken control of the San Bernardino and San Jacinto Mountains, as well as other western forests. It is time for people to shape the destiny of their forests instead of leaving the decision to mindless insects and the harsh indifference of wildfires.


Everything the Left touches turns to shit. They did this to themselves. They enacted insane laws to ‘preserve habitat’ and ended up destroying a good deal of it.

Just a reminder: Remember how overjoyed liberals were during Hurricane Harvey because it damaged the homes and lives of “Trump supporters”?

Now that California is being burnt to a crisp, I should say something like “I hope the entire cesspool of liberals and illegals gets incinerated in short order”, but I won’t.



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