As Obama’s Popularity Wanes, the Left Flings the Race Card

Since Obama has no ethical or moral character, and they can’t credibly defend his shitty record, the worn out race card is all they have.

Hat tip to Big Journalism.

The adoring crowds have thinned, opines New York Times hack Jackie Calmes. The reason, she says:

“Big rallies are expensive, especially given the logistical and security challenges for a president as opposed to a mere United States senator. And Obama campaign operatives, both at the Chicago headquarters and in swing states where Mr. Obama recently has stumped, say the campaign intentionally limits crowds by restricting tickets. The reason is to allow the president to better connect with supporters, aides say.”

Uh huh. It’s more because the ‘sort of god’ has lost his appeal with a large part of his fan base.

And what leftard tripe would be complete without the requisite “racist” meme:

Romney crowds are overwhelmingly white compared with the more diverse Obama audiences, and older voters generally outnumber younger supporters.

‘Diverse’ meaning white liberal effetes and minorities who vote pigment over substance.

Speaking of tripe, MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry injected a racial insult at Paul Ryan for daring to quote the Declaration of Independence and support the concept  that, “America is an idea. It’s the only country founded on an idea. Our rights come from nature and God, not from government.”
Said she:

“The thing I really have against him is actually how he and Gov. Romney have misused the Declaration of Independence,” she said. “I’m deeply irritated by their notion that the ‘pursuit of happiness’ means money for the richest and that we extricate the capacity of ordinary people to pursue happiness. When they say ‘God and nature give us our rights, not government,’ that is a lovely thing to say as a wealthy white man.”

What a  lovely thing for the wealthy (half) black man currently in the White House, to throw gasoline on the class warfare fire, make race part of his campaign platform, demonize job creators, and create devastating economic policies that caused the poverty level to soar.

I’m deeply irritated by that, ya dumb bitch.

The Black Jesus still has his supporters in the entertainment industry, too. Russell Simmons whines:

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, two men who will destroy our people…

Your ‘people’ haven’t fared very well under Obama’s economy.  The Dems royally screwed this country—your ‘people’ included—with socialist strong-arm tactics, ghastly mismanagement of our tax dollars, and abuse of power.

Blaming ‘whitey’ for everything while resurrecting the corpse of slavery and color discrimination,  is so much easier than personal accountability.

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