Leftwing Goons Rush Stage, Assault Volunteer at Ryan Speech in Iowa

Must be part of that ‘in their face’ civility espoused by Obama.

Via Buzzfeed.

Ryan had barely begun speaking when a woman shouted, “Are you going to cut Medicare?”

Two women rushed the stage, and one was apparently arrested by three Iowa State Patrolmen after getting on stage with a banner.

“Woah…hey…alright…she must not be from Iowa,” said a dumbfounded Ryan as the woman got on stage.

The officers bounded out from behind the stage to pull her down, saying “She just punched a volunteer.”

The retards at USA Today referred to the she-asses as spirited.

If you think Obama’s flying monkeys were on a tear in 2008, just take a look at the crap they’re doing now.

The Left engages in all kinds of spirited behavior, with Obama’s blessing. The more desperate the Left becomes, the more bat-shit crazy they are.

Expect more of this before the election.

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