Attempted Murder at Family Research Council, Shooter is Identified as LGBT Volunteer

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A security guard was shot yesterday morning at the Family Research Council’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. The shooter screeched about “hate” values before he began shooting.

From Twitchy.

Floyd Corkins, the 28-year-old Virginia man who allegedly opened fire and wounded a security guard this morning at the Family Research Council, was apparently a volunteer at a DC-area LGBT center. Some on the Left have been attempting to whitewash the crime as merely an unfortunate, isolated incident, but evidence is mounting that Corkins’ actions were indeed politically motivated.

From the Associated Press:

Corkins had been volunteering for about the past 6 months at The DC Center for the LGBT Community, said David Mariner, executive director of the community center, which is in Northwest Washington. He usually staffed the center’s front desk on Saturdays, and his most recent shift was about two weeks ago.

“He always struck me as a kind, gentle and unassuming young man. I’m very surprised that he could be involved in something like this,” Mariner said.

Though authorities did not publicly reveal a motive, advocacy groups across the ideological spectrum condemned the violence, with some casting it as a hate crime.

Thankfully, the security guard, Leo Johnson, is in stable condition.

The responses:

The media does their usual look the other way.

The race-baiting pimps at the Southern Poverty Law Center labeled the FRC as a “hate group”. 

Mitt Romney  issued a statement on the shooting.

The Log Cabin Republicans  issued a statement as well:

Log Cabin Republicans, the nation’s largest gay GOP group, responded to reports of a shooting outside the Family Research Council’s Washington, D.C. office.

LCR executive director R. Clarke Cooper, in a statement released about 2:40 p.m. Aug. 15, said, “As fellow conservatives, Log Cabin Republicans are often in the same room with the Family Research Council. Though we rarely see eye to eye, we absolutely condemn the violence that occurred today.”

Cooper also said, “Keeping in mind that at this time we know little about the shooter or his motives, whatever our political disagreements, in this country, we use ballots, not bullets, to address them. We offer prayers for the injured security guard, his family, and everybody at the FRC building, barely a fifteen minute walk away from Log Cabin Republicans national headquarters. In many ways, this is a reminder that we aren’t so far apart.”

Careful, Mr. Cooper. You keep that up and the SPLC will label the Log Cabin Republicans as a “hate group” as well.

Of course, Obama has no comment, since the intended victims weren’t muzzies or leftwing pals.

Remember the bat-shit crazy inflammatory rhetoric the Left leveled at Sarah Palin and the Tea Party in spite of the fact that wackos Jared Loughner and Joseph Andrew Stack turned out to be deranged leftwingnuts? And yet they continued to fill the airwaves with spit-flecked rants.  Just last month, ABC News hack Brian Ross falsely identified Colorado theater shooter James Holmes, as a “Tea Party member”.   Being hung on their own petard doesn’t seem to faze them, no matter how many times it happens.

The Left has a habit of being selectively outraged, which totally blows their “tolerance” image.

When Soldiers in Arkansas and Texas were murdered by radical muslims, the  MSM cockholsters switched into high gear over  a “backlash against muslims”, and in some cases, blamed the victims. 

As for the FRC shooting, the little poufs have taken to Twitter to vent their spleens with ‘they had it coming’ crap.

It’s only “hate” when the Left defines it.


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