Awlaki Gone But Jihadists Are Multiplying

Via Dr. Walid Phares:

The immediate question in mind is: whose is next. Remember that al Awlaki operated within the US openly, as he even was invited to lecture at the Pentagon. Major Hassan, too, delivered lectures within our defense establishment. Also, In the past decade, a prominent member of an Islamist lobby group, Ismael Royer, was part of a terror training network in Virginia. The list is long. So the undeniable outlook for the future is quantitative: al Awlaki is gone but his Jihadists have been multiplying.


This war, declared by 21st century Ottoman wannabes, ain’t over by a long shot. Keep that in mind every time you hear of another muslim terrorist leader getting waxed.

CAIR and other radical muslim groups still operate within our borders and there’s still a Dhimmi in the White House. Face it, even with Bin Laden’s anti-climactic death and Awlaki’s ticket to hell, Obama isn’t all that enthusiastic over finishing this war and doing what it takes to eradicate ALL of them.

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