Discover the ‘Brains’ Behind the ‘Occupy’ Protests


These smelly, unwashed derelicts have been protesting in NYC, Albuquerque New Mexico, Boston Massachusetts, and Los Angeles California, for a couple of weeks now. They have been joined by the usual gang of Hollywood idiots like the porcine rich hypocrite Michael Moore, who is drawn to these ‘social justice’ circus’ like an all-you-can-eat buffet.

None of them can articulate intelligently just at what or with whom they’re angry.  It’s all about the “eeeeeeevil rich capitalist Wall Street bankers”; the same anti-establishment bullshit I remember as a teenager.  Just watch the dumbfounded look on the face of one disaffected ‘yoot’ when Jesse Watters asks him what kind of system he would put in place of capitalism.

 The ‘social justice’ ruse is overused and hackneyed to the point of absurdity.  There’s nothing about them that invokes the case for civil rights or justice of any kind.  They’re a bunch of aimless, self-absorbed, puerile, nihilist moonbats, who have an obscene sense of entitlement.  The generations of Americans who built this country, endured incredible hardships and real injustices that these rank amateurs could never imagine or survive.   Wealthy investors and business owners who create jobs and hire people, make convenient targets for lazy slugs who would rather collect welfare and bitch about “eeeeevil capitalists” than get out there and earn a living.  Demonizing the rich is so much easier.

6 thoughts on “Discover the ‘Brains’ Behind the ‘Occupy’ Protests”


  2. felipe - investment banker

    here’s something happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear, but we may, at long last, be seeing the rise of a popular movement that, unlike the Tea Party, is angry at the right people.
    Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times….

    1. Felipe,
      I’m gonna take a wild-assed guess and say you’re not really an “investment banker”. There’s “something happening here”, alright. And it’s pretty clear the ‘Occupy’ crowd is full of shit.

      They’re not really sure who or what they’re angry with, except the usual bullshit about “capitalism, imperialism, Wall Street, evil rich…blah…blah…blah.”

      The leftwing New York Times hacks you so lovingly quoted, denigrate, disrespect, and dismiss Tea Party patriots, who happen to be angry at the right people for all the right reasons. I support the Tea (Taxed Enough Already) Party 100% sweetpea, and you’re damned right we’re angry. We aren’t pissed at the wealthy entrepreneurs who create jobs, hire people, and worked their way to success, which gives the Fifth Column seizures. We’re angry at the neo-Marxist in the White House and his union pals. The Tea Party was formed in response to an out-of-control government and a (former) Dem majority in Congress who held the Republic and the Constitution hostage while they rammed ObamaCare through Congress, declared a class war, and inflicted considerable damage on this country since Obama took office.

      B. Hussein uses the Oval office as a conduit for his corruption, Marxist economics, and kowtowing foreign policy. His graft, obstruction of justice, constitutional violations, the authoritarian takeover of healthcare and 2/3rds of the auto industry, gunrunning to Mexican thugs, eco-scams, affinity for Islamofascists, and feeding the maws of his Keynesian economic agenda with billions of dollars in taxpayer’s money, should have Americans angry enough to send his scrawny ass packing back to Chicago.


      The Tea Party represents a threat to everything you leftist assclowns hold dear; anti-capitalism, suppression of free market enterprise, and control of the populace through socialist power grabs. We scare the shit out of effetes; Hollywood, politicians, and MSM alike.

      Get used to it, felipe.

      There’s a huge difference between American patriots who demand that elected officials follow the U.S. Constitution and the raging moonbats who want to “occupy” everything except a job and a responsible lifestyle.


      If you come back to leave another comment, make sure you first extract your head from your ass.

      SFC MAC

      PS: I see by your IP address you’re in Spain. Yeah, I’ve read about your little riots over there. For decades the Europeans nurtured a socialist economic Nanny State. Once you saturate a population with a cradle-to-grave Nanny State mentality, you can expect tantrums whenever the economic reality of fiscal responsibility hits the fan. Europe is now suffering the consequences of the socialist monster it created. The scumbags who vandalized Trafalgar Square, for instance, would rather bitch about not getting enough government welfare than actually working for a living. Nothing fires up a disgruntled “workers of the world unite” crowd more than wealth envy.

  3. butt neckid

    I kno’ how the make these chilren run away screamin’…hold a bar of soap in your hand over your head…an’ a spray bottle of water in the utha one…

  4. George Cohen

    It’s funny, the same lame bull$hit that was said about the Vietnam War protesters is being spewed forth here.

    These “derelicts” are behaving like the True Boston Tea Party. They are protesting the deleterious effect that greedy, incompetent Corporations are having on this Country. And it’s catching on like wildfire. Take that, scumbag FAKE Koch Tea Baggers.

    1. George,
      The vietnam war protesters were, for the most part, effete little college kids who were the first to spit on veterans when they returned.

      Anyone who compares the union-paid, “occupy” punks with the 1773 Boston Tea Party has a shit factory for a brain. The new Tea Party is the correct comparison:

      Class warfare is so much easier than actually working for a living, which as evidenced by the derelicts at these protests, they’re just as allergic to baths as they are job hunting.

      Go fuck yourself, you Soros bot.

      SFC MAC

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