Awwwww. THE ONE Discovers Being President is a Tough Job

Unfortunately, his staff can’t handle all these crisis so they won’t go to waste. Reality can’t be managed the same way as his Christ-like image during the campaign.

On Wednesday, the same day Barack Obama ousted his humiliated Afghanistan commander, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs walked into the Oval Office with more grim news: The cap on the gushing oil in the Gulf had been dislodged.

“What?” Obama replied incredulously. “Well, why did it do that?” A remotely operated vehicle had knocked the cap right off, he was told, leaving oil rushing out as furiously as ever.

“Let me get this straight,” Obama later told senior adviser David Axelrod. “A robot knocked off the Top Hat? Come on, guys. Are you kidding me?”

Welcome to what one exhausted adviser calls the “theater of the absurd,” where a White House is whipsawed by wild, almost unimaginable events that threaten to reshape the public perception of the Obama presidency at every turn.

In the week leading up to the Gibbs visit, the president had delivered an Oval Office address that was panned by liberal pundits; forced BP to cough up $20 billion for claims from the oil disaster; and watched with delight as Joe Barton apologized to BP (a company with a 6 percent approval rating) — only to learn from a PDF copy of a Rolling Stone article that he would have to fire Gen. Stan McChrystal for popping off about Obama’s war cabinet. Oh, yeah, he then replaced him with Gen. David Petraeus — the mastermind of an Iraq surge Obama did not support, and the man many Republicans want to challenge Obama for the White House in 2012.

“All you can do is smile at the absurdity of these things piling up,” said someone who spends much of the day with Obama. Interviews with top White House advisers revealed little smiling in the past 10 days — but a sense that, in the aftermath of it all, they avoided two potential P.R. disasters and emerged with a clear sense of the argument Obama wants to take to voters over the next four months.

David (“Astroturf”) Axelrod turns up his nose at the criticsm over Obama’s braindead speech on the oil spill:

“He has neither the inclination nor the time, frankly, to be looking backwards on things like that,” Axelrod continued. “There’s not a lot of time to brood over the peanut gallery.

Clarabell is in the White House.

Says one aide:

“Presidents are people — they’re not robots or automatons,” one of the aides said. “They need releases, as well. I think you’re really doing the country a disservice if you say to the president, … ‘You can’t take any time off to blow some steam off because we don’t like the optics.’ That would be counterproductive.”

Dude, if George W. Bush had spent as much time as Obama does ‘blowing off steam’, the head of every fucking liberal in America would have exploded.

This summarizes his response when things start “piling up”:

“This morning, President Obama will meet with the NCAA men’s basketball champion Duke Blue Devils at the White House to honor their 2009-2010 championship season in the Rose Garden.

“Keeping up the sports theme, the president and the vice president will take a photo with the U.S. World Cup soccer team and former President Bill Clinton, who is chairing the 2018 World Cup bid, on the North Portico. The White House has previously announced that Vice President Biden and Jill Biden will attend the World Cup in South Africa next month.

“Afterward, the president will a private have lunch with President Clinton in the Private Dining Room.

“Afterward, in the evening, the First Family will travel to Chicago, Illinois for a four-day Memorial Day weekend vacation. The Obamas have not been back to their hometown all together as a family for more than a year.”

During the oil spill: photo ops, golf, parties, and more golf.

How much ‘steam’ can he ‘blow off’? 

“unimaginable events that threaten to reshape the public perception of the Obama presidency at every turn. “

ROFLMAO!!!   Those of us who knew better, figured out that he was a socialist Jimmy Carter 2.0 and a woefully inexperienced empty suit, awhile back.  “Unimaginable events”….like dealing with the responsibilities and stress that comes with being POTUS. Gawd, he’s such a loser.  The real “theater of the absurd”; the economic abyss and dicked-up foreign policy created by him and his fellow DemRats, will take years to unscrew.

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