B. Hussein Obama: U.S. is “Not at war with Islam”

On his first visit as president to a predominantly Islamic nation, Obama reached out to Arabs and Muslims in his Ankara address, saying the United States “is not and never will be at war with Islam.” He also spoke of the Arab-Israeli peace process, saying he will “actively pursue” the goal of creating a Palestinian state alongside Israel.


Let me get this straight. We’ve been fighting a war against an Islamic culture who declared war on the West, has attacked and killed countless people world-wide—including almost 3000 on this soil— but we’re ‘not at war with Islam’. After 9/11, we sure as hell better be at war with Islam.

Last I checked, the enemy was clad in hijabs, straps on bombs, and usually shouts “allah u akbar” before they blow up people in the name of Islam.

The Koran specifies what is to be done to Jews, Christians, and ‘non-believer’ infidels. The Arab culture worships according to the Koran, and follows the precepts set down by their prophet Mohammad. A peaceful religion, it ain’t.

This moron actually thinks if he panders to enemies of Western civilization they’ll simply stop attacking us and sing Kumbaya. Gee, while he’s at it, maybe he can get them to apologize for all the carnage they’ve committed in the name of Islam.

There’s no one more dangerous than a socialist who thinks he can sweet talk a bellicose anti-Western culture into playing well with others. He has certainly outdone Bubba Clinton in giving the green light to future terrorist attacks on our country. Obama is in the fucking control tower giving the next Mohammad Atta the okay for take-off.

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