Islamic Convert Kidnapped by the Taliban

Hat Tip to Ace of Spades.

The September 11 terror attacks were a watershed event in the life of a Canadian journalist named Beverly Giesebrecht.

Soon after Al Qaeda terrorists killed 3,000 people in the U.S., Giesebrecht converted to Islam, adopted a new name — Khadija Abdul Qahaar — and spent the next two years studying the Koran in Egypt.

She created a pro-Jihadi Web site, Jihad Unspun, and she developed a network of contacts, contributors and translators, some of whom introduced her to the Taliban in Pakistan.

She wrote of her motivations online:

“I became obsessed with finding out what was really going on. In the early days of my research, I remember sitting at five in the morning, exhausted, after going from link to link to link to link, staring at the face of Osama bin Laden. This man does not have the face of a cold-blooded killer. This is not a Charles Manson. There has to be something more.

……And then last November, the Taliban, the group she had befriended, kidnapped her while she was chasing a story in the Bannu region of northern Pakistan. In a video released after her capture, Qahaar says she’s being held by the Taliban, though it’s not clear exactly who is holding her. Officials have not provided clarification, saying only that there are many criminal gangs in the region who call themselves the Taliban.

Now, four and a half months later, 11th-hour negotiations continue in efforts to save Qahaar’s life and secure her release. Her captors have demanded $375,000 in ransom money by the end of March, and they have threatened to kill her if their demand isn’t met.

Exactly what happened in November, and why, remains unclear. That the Taliban has kidnapped one of its own supporters — and one who has given them a media platform — is puzzling to terror experts and Qahaar’s former colleagues.

“She is definitely sympathetic to Al Qaeda, to the Taliban, there’s no doubt about it — and she believes in jihad,” said terror expert Steven Emerson, who has followed Qahaar’s Web site. “I think — and this is just based on logic and rationale — it just doesn’t make sense that they would threaten to kill her unless they get money, when she’s been such use to them spreading their word in the Western world.”,2933,512724,00.html

Karma is a bitch.

An interesting story from a commenter on Ace of Spades:

A friend who spent quite a bit of time with US troops during the siege of Ramadi had this to say about Giesebrecht:

” … this bitch actually made a significant, negative impact in terms of the Battle of Ramadi. She had someone (or multiple people) in Ramadi that would straight up MAKE UP news about some event and try to make the US military look bad. As an example, US forces destroyed some unexploded ordinance near the soccer field in Eastern Ramadi around mid-August 2006 in the middle of the day. There were no Iraqis around FOR MILES because it was about 140 degrees out.

The news reported by her site and then repeated by the blathering idiots of the AP reported that 30 civilians were injured- and I even think the bitch reported that some were killed? All of a sudden, there were reports of “atrocities” in Ramadi by every news agency.

So, after that, the Ramadi leaders then came after the US military, and the US military was caught back-peddling because they had no idea what the news was talking about. In the end, the whole event further stoked the insurgency, resulting in more Iraqis and Americans killed. This wasn’t a one-time thing. This happened over and over again.
I hope they cut her head off. I have no mercy for anyone directly responsible for killing Americans.”
Posted by: muggedbyreality at April 08, 2009 07:49 AM (4E27e)

At least the Canadians dug deep and found enough gonads to refuse any ransom deal.
Having said that, the Taliban has (temporarily) backed off the threat of killing the moron, in hopes of still getting the $375,000.

PESHAWAR, PAKISTAN — Taliban militants in Pakistan’s tribal region have decided to shelve plans to kill Canadian hostage Beverly Giesbrecht, but her captors are apparently still holding out for a ransom before releasing her.

“After broad-based consultations, the Shura [leadership council] has postponed indefinitely the plan to kill the woman,” said Qari, a close associate of Taliban commander Gul Bahadur who asked to be identified by his first name only.

The abduction of Ms. Giesbrecht, 53, has become a sensitive issue, and tribesmen of the embattled area are reluctant to speak on the matter openly. However, some locals said that while there is no hard information about her release, it could come at any time.

If things work out well enough, Canada will tell the Taliban and Giesebrecht, aka Khadija Abdul Qahaar, to take a flying fucking leap.

If she ever does make it back to Canada, I wouldn’t count on this assclown admitting she was wrong about Islamic terrorists being ‘freedom fighters’ and Americans being ‘the real terrorists’.

Come to think of it, I wouldn’t count on Canada charging her with treason, especially since they have a habit of going after critics of Islamofascism like Mark Steyn, and accusing them of “hate speech”.

I hope they behead the bitch.

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