Baghdad Jim McDermott Rants Again

Hat Tip to Michelle Malkin.

Video: Baghdad Jim McDermott rails against conservative “indecency”.

……McDermott is still in office, backed by corruptocrat Democrat leaders. He took to the House floor over the weekend to condemn conservatives (including yours truly) and “Teabaggers” for their “indecency.” Our crime? Having the audacity to question Democrat pro-health care takeover anecdotes and to challenge their indecent kiddie human shield strategy.
(video at the link)

I fired off this email to McDermott:

Dear Baghdad Jim,

The attempt to label Americans’ opposition to ObamaCare as “indecency” is laughable coming from a traitor who kissed up to Saddam Hussein, and illegally tapped phone conversations.

Let’s talk about REAL indecency, Jim.

Democrats using children (Graeme Frost, Marcelas Owens) as human shields for your socialist talking points. Democrats spewing epithets at American patriots who oppose the government takeover of our health care as “teabaggers”. Having said that, the Democrats’ jack-booted assault on American freedoms is pretty indecent, to say the least. November is coming, Jim. Many Democrats will find themselves out of a job. Enjoy the hubris while you can.

The arrogance and obscene behavior exhibited by the current crop of Democrats is astounding. Never before in our history has a group of politicians forced Americans to buy into a program not supported by the Constitution or public referendum. The Constitution is just a piece of paper to these tryants.
Americans are fed up with the outrageous insults, ignorance, and dismissive conceit. McDermott’s disdain for America is clearly evident throughout the democratic party. They are doing their level damndest to destroy his country. We will do our damndest to stop them.

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