Barky’s Blanket Amnesty for Illegals Includes Social Security, Medicare

Who didn’t see this shit coming?

From Fox News.

Illegal immigrants who apply for work permits in the U.S. under  Obama’s new executive actions will be eligible for Social Security and Medicare, the White House says.

Under the sweeping actions, immigrants who are spared deportation could obtain work permits and a Social Security number, which would allow them to pay into the Social Security system through payroll taxes.

No such “lawfully present” immigrant, however, would be immediately entitled to the benefits because like all Social Security and Medicare recipients they would have to work 10 years to become eligible for retirement payments and health care. To remain qualified, either Congress or future administrations would have to extend Obama’s actions so that those immigrants would still be considered lawfully present in the country.

So, illegals who broke the law by sneaking into the country and avoiding deportation for at least 10 years are being rewarded for their longevity.

None of the immigrants who would be spared deportation under Obama’s executive actions would be able to receive federal assistance such as welfare or food stamps, or other income-based aid. They also would not be eligible to purchase health insurance in federal exchanges set up by the new health care law and they would not be able to apply for tax credits that would lower the cost of their health insurance.

That’s absolute bullshit on stilts. Illegals have been receiving benefits like food stamps, welfare, free education, tax credits, medical care, and housing in several states for years.

Benefits for illegal immigrants steps into murky waters. The White House has said it will not grant federal assistance to the 5 million affected by Obama’s executive actions. The Obama administration first denied younger immigrants who entered the U.S. illegally as children access to health care exchanges and tax credits in 2012, especially disappointing immigrant advocates.

……Any immigrant who is lawfully present in the country with a Social Security number would be entitled to Social Security and Medicare upon retirement because they would have paid into the system, one official said.

What constitutes “lawfully present”? Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty?

Stephen Miller, a spokesman for Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, a leading Republican opponent of Obama’s executive actions, said making immigrants illegally in the U.S. eligible for Social Security and Medicare “is an attack on working families.”

“The amnestied illegal immigrants are largely older, lower-wage and lower-skilled and will draw billions more in benefits than they will pay in,” he said.

Not only has Obama violated the law by opening the floodgates for criminals, but he has granted these illegal squatters the same rights and privileges meant for citizens.

Obama is doing as much damage to this country as he can before he leaves office. This is his way of saying “Fuck you, America, I can do what I want and you won’t stop me”.

This is what he wants as part of his legacy. All these “Dreamers” will receive welfare and free education without the responsibility of citizenship, and will be forever grateful to him and The State.

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