Barky’s Latest Stop on His Apology Tour: Hiroshima

Another slap in the face of American veterans who fought against the Axis.

Barky’s moral relativism is part of his atrocious foreign policy.

From John Bolton at the New York Post.

An American president’s highest moral, constitutional and political duty is protecting his fellow citizens from foreign threats. Presidents should adhere to our values and the Constitution, and not treat America’s enemies as morally equivalent to us.

If they do, they need not apologize to anyone.

The White House says that President Obama won’t apologize as he visits Hiroshima Friday. But who believes his press flacks?

His penchant for apologizing is central to his legacy. He may not often say “I apologize” explicitly, but his meaning is always clear, especially since he often bends his knee overseas, where he knows the foreign audiences will get his meaning. It is, in fact, Obama’s subtlety that makes his effort to reduce America’s influence in the world so dangerous.

He started in Cairo in 2009, referring to the “fear and anger” that the 9/11 attacks provoked in Americans, saying that, “in some cases, it led us to act contrary to our traditions and our ideals.” He later said, “Unfortunately, faced with an uncertain threat, our government made a series of hasty decisions . . . based on fear rather than foresight” — a characterization Americans overwhelmingly reject.

In Europe, saved three times by America in the last century, Obama apologized because “there have been times where America has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive.” And in this hemisphere, Obama said, “We have at times been disengaged, and at times we sought to dictate our terms,” culminating in his recent fawning visits with the Castros in Cuba.

Then there’s his penchant for bowing to foreign leaders. He has bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia. He bowed to the emperor of Japan on a previous visit. He has bowed to China’s leader, Xi Jinping. And these are not casual nods of the head, but unmistakable gestures of obeisance.

For those who may wonder, the diplomatic protocol on bowing is clear: Heads of state don’t bow to other heads of state, monarchs or otherwise. Period. And Americans don’t bow to anyone. We fought a revolution to establish that point.

Obama’s apologies and gestures prove yet again, in his words, that he isn’t like those other presidents on our currency. And Friday, in Hiroshima, Obama may prove conclusively that, on national security, he’s no Franklin Roosevelt or Harry Truman.

Obama’s narcissism, his zeal for photo opportunities with him at the center, whether in Havana or Hiroshima, too often overcomes lesser concerns — like the best interests of the country. He puts his vanity before our nation’s pride.

Even without an express apology, there will likely be moral equivalence like: Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and we bombed Hiroshima. We’re all guilty, but let’s put it behind us.

Undeniably, World War II is history, and further strengthening the US-Japan alliance profoundly important. But there is no moral equivalence here.

Pearl Harbor was “a date which will live in infamy,” in Roosevelt’s words. Hiroshima (and Nagasaki) came after four years of brutal war and a desperate race against Nazi and Japanese efforts to develop atomic weapons. We won the race, and Truman acted decisively and properly to end the war.

Truman understood that not using the atom bombs would have condemned millions of service members to death or debilitating injury. Japanese resistance grew significantly as US forces neared Japan, and, expecting fanatical Japanese resistance, American military planners repeatedly increased projected US casualties. The calculus could not have been clearer.

Retrospectively, critics argue that Japan was incapable of winning the Pacific war, thereby invalidating any arguments favoring dropping the bomb.

But being unable to win is not equivalent to surrendering in defeat. Truman pursued Roosevelt’s goal of “unconditional surrender” because recreating the prewar status quo, with a belligerent Japanese military again threatening international peace, was simply unacceptable.

Truman wanted to end World War II and save American lives, and also lay the basis for sustained international peace. Before Obama casually trashes Truman’s courageous decision, he should reflect on what the alternative would have been.

Obama sent Kerry ahead to prep for the ass-kissing.

John Kerry is now in Hiroshima, Japan. On Monday, he will become the highest ranking U.S official to visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, where he’ll pay tribute to the Japanese people killed as a result of the U.S. atomic bomb attack in August 1945. The trip is widely viewed as a “test run” for a similar trip by President Obama later this year.

In what can only be described as Barky’s typical mealy-mouthed ingratiating to foreign governments, he vowed not to ‘repeat the evil’ at Hiroshima.

No mention of Pearl Harbor, the Bataan Death march, or the Rape of Nanking. The Japs have a corner on the evil market. They helped start WWII, we helped finish it.

He also called for ‘a world without nukes’.  This is coming from a SCOAMF  who secured Iran’s path to a bomb.

He bowed to the Cuban dictatorship.

obama limp wrist cuba castro-

He almost gave the Saudi king a blow job.

He kowtowed to a Chinese despot.



He is an epic embarrassment on a world stage.

Part of his legacy is to denigrate America as much as he can to atone for what he sees as America’s ‘injustices’.
Obama’s hatred of America and the Constitution is reflected in every domestic and foreign policy he shoves down our throats.  January 2017 cannot come soon enough.

4 thoughts on “Barky’s Latest Stop on His Apology Tour: Hiroshima”

  1. So now non-combatants in foreign cities with no strategic value are our enemies, equal in threat to their troops and government, and we are morally justified in melting a couple hundred thousand of them, and killing generations worth of their descendants through permanent disruption of their genes? That’s a bridge too far for me, as it was for my father who was wounded twice on Okinawa, but who was also horrified by the dropping of nuclear bombs on civilians.

    I wish Obama had given a REAL apology, but that’s for a bigger person to do in future.

    1. Dear Mikey,

      As usual, your liberal-infected brain misses the point entirely. Barky’s behavior is reprehensible. Newsflash: The Japs were prepared to fight to every last man, woman, and child. Last I checked, they helped start WWII. If you think we should apologize for saving the lives of thousands of American troops by preventing a land war in Japan, you are bat-shit crazy. Quite frankly, couldn’t give one hair on a dead rat’s ass about your misplaced feelings. I’m and Iraq War vet (twice), and war is hell. That means civilians are going to die. That happens in every war. We fire bombed Dresden for 10 days. Like Hiroshima, it was necessary. Period. The Japanese have never apologized for jump-starting America’s entry into WWII. They’ve never apologized for Nanking, the Bataan Death March or Pearl Harbor. Tokyo was the original target but there was too much cloud cover and technology wasn’t advanced enough to pinpoint the target. If bombing civilians expedites the end of a world war, I have two words: BOMBS AWAY.

      SFC MAC

      1. Sez you, and you weren’t there. That “prepared to fight to the last man, woman, and child” crap is exactly that. How exactly would a child fight? Or an old person who can’t even lift a rifle? It’s just propaganda, and you fell for it. You go ahead and face God and justify your sense of unbridled vengeance. I wouldn’t want to be there to see it.

        1. Mikey,
          Says the people who were there and fought that war. Matter of fact, toward the end of the war in Europe, the Hitler Youth were used to fight a last stand. The Viet Cong used them. The warring tribes in Africa all use children as fighters. Don’t think a 12 year old can brandish and fire a gun? You’re an idiot. Dropping the bomb saved the lives of at least a million American troops. I won’t lose sleep over it, either. Am estimated total of 20,858,800 allied troops gave their lives to defeat the Axis. Hiroshima pales in comparison, and quite frankly, given the atrocities and viciousness of the Japs, I’d have dropped even more bombs.
          You are totally ignorant of historical fact and reality. Save your sanctimony for your leftard pals and stick to your incoherent rants on your website.

          SFC MAC

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