Black NASCAR Driver Pulls a Smollett

The “noose” is just the standard garage door pull rope at the Talladega Speedway that has been in place for years.

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Throughout the late evening and overnight hours we have been able to assemble definitive proof the NASCAR story of a noose hanging in the garage of drive Bubba Wallace is a hoax.  [Background Here]

When the race team of Bubba Wallace arrived at Talladega Speedway in Alabama, he was assigned to garage stall #4.  After reviewing prior 2019 video of that specific garage bay, at that specific speedway; and after reviewing a picture released yesterday showing the FBI investigators on the scene; it is clear the “rope noose” in question was nothing more than a manual garage door pull-down with a hand loop tied into it.

As you can see, the portion of the rope that shows the hand loop (aka “noose”) in 2019 was cut off in 2020.  The #4 garage door pull-down rope did not break, it was cut -the hand loop removed- and that’s why it is shorter.  The question then becomes was this a mistaken interpretation or an intentional effort to create the appearance of targeted hate?

The answer to that question becomes clear when you look at the same rope on the adjacent stall, #5.  A full picture (shown below) shows the pull-down rope on the stall next to Bubba Wallace also contained a hand loop tied into it.  However, it is clear from the kinks in the rope the hand loop was untied.  Likely by the same person who cut-off the “noose” on stall #4 being used by Bubba Wallace’s crew.

……It is important to note that many manual garage doors at Talladega speedway have these ropes and hand-loops tied into them for use as pull-downs. These same pull-down ropes appear to have been purposefully mistaken for “nooses.”  (see more here)

However, it’s not just Bubba Wallace and NASCAR officials driving this hoax.

To give some perspective it’s worth looking at how Auto Weekly framed a completely false racial component. 

……Not a single driver or race crew could point out that all of this nonsense was created over a garage door pull-down rope tied into a loop?  Those “nooses” are clearly visible in a bunch of NASCAR garage bays.


Until this race-baiting motherfucker screeched about a fake “noose”, I had never heard of him. 

It’s become a standard tactic. some black asshole either pulls a complete hoax or sees a phantom racist boogeyman and all the black radicals burn down their neighborhoods, while the white liberal assclowns ingratiate themselves for the cause. 

The NFL, MLB, and NBA are now totally unwatchable. I never watched NASCAR anyway. Every sports network and event is a fucking propaganda outlet for divisive racial politics. 

“Hate crime” hoaxes are on the rise. There will be no shortage of outrage mobs to throw gasoline on the fire. The entire BLM shit is a stunt for the radical leftwing political agenda; the more sympathy, pandering, and attention they get, the more power they attain. That’s the bottom line.



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2 thoughts on “Black NASCAR Driver Pulls a Smollett”

  1. NASCAR did not shoot themselves in the foot over this but right between the eyes.

  2. Truth is that I had not heard of this driver until the “news” came out. Oddly, he started by saying that it was a blight on America. Then, when the FBI determined it was just a common pull cord that had been installed well in advance of this driver going to this garage, he said “someone else told me.” Sad.

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