Black-Owned Corporation Teaches ‘White Privilege’ and Marxism for Millions of Tax Dollars

Attention, parents: this racist dogma is being taught to school children on our tax dime.

From The New American.

Got privilege? Because if you’ve got the rap, rationalizations, and rhetoric to bloviate about “white privilege,” you can make millions. Glenn Singleton (shown) sure has.

Singleton, a black man, is the founder of Pacific Educational Group (PEG), which has made millions of dollars teaching “white privilege” peppered with Marxist dogma to America’s schoolteachers. PEG’s ostensible goal is to improve the education of blacks and other minorities. But central to its program is that blacks are held down by “white privilege,” the notion that the educational system and wider society are infused with white-supremacy-spawned “white norms” and thus handicap black and Hispanic kids. And what are these norms? Hard work, planning for the future, and punctuality are among them. And black norms? PEG cites one as being “collectivism.”

And PEG has been collecting cash for quite a while. The group was founded in 1992; in 2002, Seattle, Washington, endured embarrassment and financial costs after losing a court case inspired by its PEG-influenced racial curriculum.

Yet school systems are still shelling out the big bucks for the group’s snake oil. As EAG News’ Steven Gunn wrote yesterday, “Eighteen school districts reported paying PEG a combined $1.56 million in … [2014-2015]. Seven of those districts paid the company six figures.” Gunn provided the list:

• Lawrence, Kansas — $125,575

• Osseo, Minnesota — $208,800

• Bellevue, Washington — $153,600

• Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — $123,324

• Baltimore County, Maryland — $138,930

• Corvallis, Oregon — $105,055

• St. Paul, Minnesota — $369,828

In addition, Gunn reports that PEG boasts a total of 183 districts on its client list, which means it could be quite the capitalist endeavor…

……Singleton promotes the basest racial stereotypes, such as claiming that “’white talk’ is ‘verbal, impersonal, intellectual’ and ‘task-oriented,’ while ‘color commentary’ is ‘nonverbal, personal, emotional’ and ‘process-oriented.’” He also blathers about “the ubiquity of white privilege and racism,” and depicts Asian students as being “majority students” just like whites because they have the temerity to succeed academically in a predominantly white society. But although he views minority culture as not being “intellectual” and “task-oriented,” it is white teachers whom he blames for the underperformance of many minority students, since he claims it would be a “racist statement” to place any responsibility for minority underperformance on minorities themselves.

……One white teacher PEG obviously approves of is Professor Antonia Darder, as she was a keynote speaker at the organization’s 2009 Summit for Courageous Conversations. Holder of a “Chair of Ethics and Moral Leadership” at Loyola Marymount University, she “once gave a speech entitled ‘The Neoliberal Restructuring of Cities, Education Policy, and Possibilities for Social Transformation Through a Marxist Lens,’” reports Gunn. He continued, “‘We must remove the blinders and see capitalism as the generator of scarcity,’ she wrote in The Critical Pedagogy Reader.  ‘Seldom do we find with the resounding praises paid to technology a discussion of how technology revolutions have exposed the wretchedness of capitalism — millions of people dying from starvation alongside unprecedented wealth.’”


More from EAG News:

……Another speaker at the 2009 summit was Gloria Ladson-Billings, a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

She clearly has a passion for using the classroom to indoctrinate students in leftist activism.

“This aspect of culturally relevant teaching links it closely with a critical pedagogy that argues for students and teachers alike to participate in a collective struggle,” she wrote in a published paper. “Thus, students must be challenged to ask questions about the ways that whole groups of people are systematically excluded from social benefits.”

A speaker at the 2013 PEG Summit was Sonia Nieto, a professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, who seems to share Ladson-Billings’ point of view.

“Despite their invisibility, questions about equity and social justice are at the core of education,” Nieto wrote in one of her books. “As such, education is always a political undertaking.”

Another speaker at the 2013 conference was educator and author Lisa Delpit. According to an article published by The Nation, Delpit is known for “introducing math concepts through problems with cultural resonance for disadvantaged kids, such as calculating the probability that the police will stop-and-frisk a black male, as compared to a white male.”

All four of the previously mentioned speakers are supporters of Bill Ayers, a Marxist educator and former member of the radical domestic terrorist group Weather Underground, which was accused of blowing up U.S. government buildings.

Ayers is a leading proponent of using the education system to recruit new radical activists.

“We share the belief that education is the motor force of revolution,” Ayers was quoted as saying in a 2006 speech to the World Economic Forum in Caracus, Venezuela.

In 2008, when then presidential candidate Barack Obama was being questioned by the media regarding his longtime friendship with Ayers, Ladson-Billings, Darder, Nieto and Delpit all signed a petition in support of Ayers, according to writer Kevin Groenhagen.

We write to support our colleague Professor William Ayers, Distinguished Professor of Education and Senior University Scholar at the University of Illinois at Chicago, who is currently under determined and sustained political attack,” the petition reportedly said.

Those speakers, and many others, are brought to PEG conference to speak directly to teachers and administrators – the people who educate America’s children on a day-to-day basis.


Radical leftwing indoctrination in the classroom pushes both Marxism and Islam.  They are saturating modern curriculum with these violent, destructive ideologies.

I bet some of them have school uniforms similar to the Black Panthers and Bolsheviks.

Some background on Bill Ayers:

Ayers is an unrepentant terrorist and a former member of the Weather Underground, a radical leftwing group that went on a bombing spree in the 1960’s which included the Pentagon, the Capitol Building, Police stations, and the home of a New York State Supreme Court justice.

The motley crew of unwashed miscreants also planned on killing 25 million people deemed as “diehard capitalists”, once they established their communist utopia.

Some excerpts from his Weather Underground manifesto, “Prairie Fire”:

We are a guerrilla organization. We are communist women and men, underground in the United States for more than four years. We are deeply affected by the historic events of our time in the struggle against U.S. imperialism.
Our intention is to disrupt the empire, to incapacitate it, to put pressure on the cracks, to make it hard to carry out its bloody functioning against the people of the world, to join the world struggle, to attack from the inside.


“Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, kill your parents—that’s where it’s really at.”


The little revolutionary dirtbag has no regrets:

This—violence, death, and white-hot rhetoric—is his past and Ayers insists he has no regrets. “I acted appropriately in the context of those times,” he says. But it’s hard to reconcile this quick-witted man with that revolutionary. Today Bill Ayers seems too happy to have ever been so angry.

In 1980, Ayers and (Bernadine) Dohrn turned themselves in. …..By then they had had two children together, and the bombing conspiracy charge against the couple had been dismissed due to government misconduct. (A technicality)

Dohrn plea-bargained to charges of inciting to mob action and resisting police officers. She was sentenced to three years’ probation and a $1,500 fine. Ayers was not charged. Even then he showed a way with words: “Guilty as hell, free as a bird—America is a great country,” he said.


”I don’t regret setting bombs,” Bill Ayers said. ”I feel we didn’t do enough.”


Unremorseful, guilty, unpunished, and a friend of B. Hussein Obama.

So, lemme get this straight: A successful black-owned corporation that depends on profit, is funding the indoctrination of minority children in the theory that capitalism is bad, “privilege” is the color white, education is a Marxist ideological undertaking, and domestic terrorists like William Ayers are role models.

America is screwed.

And I still want to know where the hell I can get my “white privilege”.


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