Bloomberg Finds His Gonads, Finally Evicts ‘Occupy’ Vermin From Zuccotti Park

Taking out the trash.

At least 70 are arrested after New York police issue eviction notices to ‘Occupy’ protesters at Zuccotti Park citing health reasons, as protesters are told they can return after park has been cleaned but may not continue to use tents.

The officers arrived just after midnight and handed out letters to protesters ordering them to temporarily evacuate the park. Campers were told to remove their tents and all their belongings, the New York Post reported.

The eviction letters declared, “The city has determined that the continued occupation of Zuccotti Park poses an increasing health and fire safety hazard.

“We also require that you immediately leave the park on a temporary basis so it can be cleared and restored for its intended use.

“You will be allowed to return to the park in several hours, when this work is complete. If you decide to return, you will not be permitted to bring tents, sleeping bags, tarps and similar materials with you.”

……Hours before the operation commenced, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, New York City Fire Commissioner Sal Cassano and other officials convened in secret at City Hall to greenlight the campaign to clear the park…

“They’re going to go in and do this because of health violations and the rising crime,” said a source.

The garbage left behind by the ‘Occupy’ swine is enough to make a landfill.

My guess is that the other city officials finally told Bloomberg to come out from under his fucking desk and give the order to un-ass these destructive pigs from the park.

As the ‘Occupy’ crime wave spreads, so does the anger and disgust at the way mayoral sycophants are kowtowing to them in the name of ‘free speech’.  

Business owners, fed up with the bullshit, are protesting ‘Occupy’ and Bloomberg’s idiocy.

There are reasons why a movements like ‘Occupy’ attracts  criminals, radical extremists, and an assortment of deviants.  The entire circus was organized by communist sociopaths.

Good going, Bloomberg.  Now that the political approach cost your city millions of dollars,  more crime statistics  and filth, you can go back under your desk.

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