Supreme Court Will Hear ObamaCare Case

The Democrats’ unconstitutional hubris and tyranical behavior in the form of ObamaCare will be argued before the Supreme Court early next year.

The Supreme Court said Monday it will take up challenges to Obama’s health care law next year, setting the stage for a ruling on the president’s trademark achievement amidst his bid for reelection.

Out of multiple lawsuits filed against the Affordable Care Act, the justices chose a case brought by 26 states and the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) challenging the law’s individual mandate that requires Americans to purchase health insurance and its dramatic expansion of Medicaid.

Unfortunately, the court is occupied by at least one assclown who supported ObamaCare; Elena Kagan.
If the Supreme Court justices have the integrity and guts to honor the United States Constitution, ObamaCare will be thrown in the garbage heap of history, where it belongs.

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