Bono: Calling Evil by Its Name

In recent Rolling Stone interview, Bono, the lead singer of U2, had some things to say about Islamofascism:

I want to be very, very clear, however: I understand and agree with the analysis of the problem. There is an imminent threat. It manifested itself on 9/11. It’s real and grave. It is as serious a threat as Stalinism and National Socialism were. Let’s not pretend it isn’t.

I think people as reasoned as Tony Blair looked at the world and didn’t want to be Neville Chamberlain, who came back from meeting with Hitler with a piece of paper saying “peace in our time,” while Hitler was planning to cross the channel from France.

At least one popular entertainer recognizes the threat.

On President Bush:

There was a plan there, you know. I think the president genuinely felt that if we could prove a model of democracy and broad prosperity in the Middle East, it might defuse the situation.

We’re doing more than that, we’re diffusing the ability of the Islamic terrorists to maintain a foothold in Iraq and Afghanistan. We’re fighting them on their own turf and killing them. We are also helping the people who want no part of repressive Islamofascism, to reform their governments and infrastructures into entities that provide a better future.

……Clinton did exactly the right thing in talking to the Provisional IRA and other extremist elements. Now they have to do the same, in my opinion, with Hamas, and they have to do the same with Al Qaeda. You have to involve them in dialogue.

But then you’ve also got to try to cut off the oxygen supply of hatred, which is false ideas about who you are as an American, who you are in the West. I know that sounds like limp liberalism, but it’s really not.

Clinton fucked up. All the way around. His foreign policy consisted of ignoring the increasing terrorist attacks against Americans overseas and in the U.S. The IRA/British conflict in Ireland has been at best tenuously resolved. The Provisional IRA ostensibly ‘decommissoned’ their weapons in accordance with the 1998 Belfast Agreement, but the Loyalists remain skeptical and many have not relinquished any of their cache. Clinton had nothing to do with that.

‘Dialogue’ is the last thing on the minds of rabid Islamic fundamentalists.
We’re letting our weapons do the talking.

The ‘oxygen supply of hatred’ is being fueled by radical imams in the mosques, madrases, and the multitude of Islamic hate websites and organizations.

……People are nauseous about being perceived as the enemy. After Abu Ghraib, reasonable, rational people were saying the most despicable things about America. Imagine that. The country that not only liberated Europe but rebuilt Europe with the Marshall Plan. The country of Omaha Beach. The heroism of people who gave their lives for people like my dad. I mean, this is the United States of America.

A sane, realistic member of the entertainment industry? I am not a big fan of U2, but Bono’s comments are a breath of fresh air. Watch out for the ensuing wrath of the liberal/left crowd.

1 thought on “Bono: Calling Evil by Its Name”

  1. I have seen a frightening bumper sticker here, in Iraq: “Be nice to USA, or they will bring democracy to your country.” Very funny.

    I think you all are blind there in the USA. This aggression is not to build democracy at all. This is to fire anger here, in order to cut this country into pieces, making it weaker. Who profits from this? Easy to answer: Those, who
    – handle our money we get for our oil
    – sell the weapons to your government
    – provide “security and supply” here
    – etc.

    Your government spends billions on these. Collected cunningly from the people there.

    Come and see. It is too easy to be so clever from your nice, peaceful home.

    To “arab” at “”:
    Whether you’re actually from Iraq or not is debatable. Your IP address and your e-mail are invalid, so I suspect your lack of courage is just one of your character flaws. But, if you are, take this to heart:

    1. Newsflash: I’m an Iraq war vet twice over. I’ve been to your country, and it’s a hellova lot better off than it was under Saddam. Or have you forgotten about his brutal regime and the millions of lives he took? You can thank his refusal to comply with U.N. Resolution 1441, for the invasion. You ought to read it sometime.

    2. The hackneyed bullshit “it’s all about the oil” is laughable, considering most of it is shipped to Indonesia, not the U.S. We’re still paying over 3 bucks a pop at the pump. All about the oil, my ass. As for “selling weapons”, the Russians, French and Germans exploited the post Desert Storm conditions and helped re-arm Hussein. In addition, the Iranians and Syrians are arming what’s left of the Al Qadea and Taliban.

    3. Next time you kneel on your prayer mat, thank “allah” or what ever god you worship that I wasn’t in control on 9/11. Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Afghanistan would be asphalt parking lots. That probably would have saved us the trouble of sacrificing our lives for ingrates like you, but I’m sure most Iraqis and Afghanis don’t feel that way. Your “peaceful religion” wants to transform everyone into good little muslims, but we’re not going along with the game plan. Islamofascists started this war, we will finish it. You don’t like the U.S. fighting back? You should have thought about that before Mohammad Atta and company plowed planes into our buildings, or before you bombed the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, attacked the USS Cole, Khobar Towers, and the World Trade Center the first time back in 1993. Clinton let you get away with murder. President Bush ain’t that easy.

    4. You have a golden opportunity to change your future from the dictatorships, monarchies, and colonization of your past into a democratic form of government that will help you into the 21st Century, and all you can do is piss, moan, complain, and squander the chance with your fucking ethnic and religious strife. Get your shit together and cooperate with each other. It will make your lives so much better.

    5. Here’s some bumper stickers:
    “Islam: The peaceful religion that killed millions worldwide”
    “No Muslims = No Terrorists”

    Allah U Fuckbar, bud.

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