Former Military Malcontents

This has been happening since Vietnam; the fashionable few who jump on the anti-war bandwagon and prostitute themselves to the lunatic fringe. John Kerry was by no means the only one, but he was one of the most visable.

Recent examples include The New Republic’s faux diarist Army Private Scott Beauchamp, former marine Private Adam Kokesh, who still refers to himself as “Sergeant” even though the marines busted him to Private for smuggling an unauthorized pistol out of Iraq, and the latest train wreck, former Army Private Clifford Hicks, who was charged with vandalizing government property and disrespect toward a Non-Commissioned Officer.  He applied for Conscientious Objector status just before he was discharged. Big surprise.


The Chickenhawk Express has more information on his illustrious ‘career’ and antics:


His personal sob story here:

All three of these fine examples of hypocrisy enlisted after 9/11.  Kokesh and Hicks joined the Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) and each have their own self-aggrandizing websites where they opine about their treatment at the hands of their respective Chain of Command as well as embellish (read: LIE) about their military records. Both have been scrutinized and taken to task by other veterans who call them on their ludicrous bullshit.

An excellent dissection of Hicks can be found on The Sniper’s website:

Kokesh whines:

” I was unable to secure gainful employment, and stumbled into full-time activism with Iraq Veterans Against the War”


Wow. The same way he ‘stumbled’ into the recruiting office, right?

No one forced the little jackasses to enlist. They did it willingly. Apparently, they’re not smart enough to figure out that the U.S. sends the military where it’s needed, you don’t get to pick and choose assignments or conflicts, and the purpose of the Army is to fight and win the nation’s wars. I’ve always wondered why these morons volunteer for duty then piss about what they were sent to do.

Their sudden mealy-mouthed anti-war, anti-military epiphanies seemed to occur in conjunction with their disciplinary problems. Go figure.

I’m so glad these peurile, abject losers are out of the service.  Now, if only they would fade out of public and into obscurity…..

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  1. Army Sergeant,

    It’s not bullshit, regardless. Whomever enlists in the military knows that they will be sent wherever they are needed. Iraq is one of the battlegrounds in the WOT, therefore, they are needed there as well as Afghanistan. The problem with these kids is their pompous sense of entitlement. They join just for the ‘college money’ and are genuinely shocked when they get sent to do what they were trained for. If they’re looking for sympathy, it’s in the dictionary; between “shit” and “syphilis”.

    Hussein was a WMD-wielding megalomaniac, and quite frankly, I’m glad we ousted the son of a bitch and destroyed the WMDs we found before he could use them. The real bullshit is not making Syria and Iran into asphalt parking lots along with Iraq and Afghanistan on 12 September 2001. We weren’t in Iraq or Afghanistan before 9/11 either. By the way, Hussein not only gave thousands of dollars to families of suicide bombers, but he cavorted with al Qaeda:

    In case you haven’t figured it out, al Qadea would cross borders no matter where we struck back, especially considering they’re supported throughout the Middle East. Put away your hackneyed arguments and be realistic.


  2. Enlisting after 9/11 doesn’t mean that Iraq isn’t a BS war. Afghanistan wasn’t a bad war, but Iraq? Iraq is purposeless. There may be Al-Qaeda in Iraq now, but there definitely weren’t before we started attacking them. Iraq was far closer to a secular state than the Islamic fundamentalists liked.

  3. Thomas,

    I don’t know what the candyass does for an MOS, but you tell him I said whiny and stupid is no way to go through life. I’ve got a feeling he enlisted “for the college money” and not much else.


  4. I was just in a chat with some US Army soldier, who was crying like a bitch. He had enlisted after 9-11, but now insists Iraq was a GOP/Bushy war. Since he has been in for over 6 yrs I have to conclude he re-enlisted during the middle of this “Bushy war”, but the most disturbing thing was how he insisted there were no Al Queda in Iraq, when there are volumes of news articles pointing out all the dead Al Queda US forces have killed in Iraq. Thanks for your blog

  5. Billy,
    Can you provide a source for the quote? I.E.: Article, webpage, URL?


  6. “Ramey also accused Hicks’ son, Clifton Hicks, 24, of brandishing a gun and threatening to kill him – a claim that Robert and Clifton Hicks “adamantly deny,” said the Hicks’ attorney, Jon M. Babineau.”

  7. I dunno, Jonn. That’s a good question….

    Yooohoooo, Cliffie…care to answer that?


  8. I see Hicks made a trip to my blog, but he had nothing to say. Wonder why that is? I tried to bait him as best I could, but nuthin’. 🙁

  9. Love the blog! Glad you took the time to pop over to ours and participate in our raking-over-the-coals of that sham artist. What is truly amazing to me is how they aren’t smart enough to think up plausible lies and then stick with their original story… but I guess that’s what trips up liars in the first place.

    Again, great work on the blog… I look forward to reading more of it and having you visit ours more often.

    The Sniper

    Comment by The Sniper — November 10, 2007 @ 12:55 am

    Thanks, Sniper! Looks like Hicks didn’t take the hint from the accumulated smack downs. He doesn’t realize that “denial” ain’t a river in Egypt.

  10. Clifton Hicks

    Prove that I am lying.

    Don’t look now, but you’ve been debunked. You’ve been thoroughly dissected here, for starters:


    and here: Link:

    and here: (that one tears you a new asshole by pointing out your blatant discrepancies)

    I bet your former First Sergeant, the one who refered to you as “bitch”, could probably provide some insight. I’m also willing to bet that the members of your former unit remember you as a problem child. Ya know, the whole ‘suddenly I woke up and realized that I didn’t belong here’ spiel is pretty fatuous, given the fact that you volunteered, knew we were at war, and as expected, were sent to do what the Army does. And to think you realized this on your first day of training at Ft. Knox? Newsflash sweetpea, you’re talking to war veterans who know your type. Having been in the military, we are also in a position to pick apart any claims that reek of dishonesty. You and Scott Beauchamp must be soulmates. You joined for the college money, not to pick up your rifle and do what you were trained for. War is hell. Every Soldier who has been there knows that. But most are mature enough to realize that they were doing their jobs, and fighting for a noble cause. Right now I can’t think of a better one than destroying Islamofascist scumbags who not only attacked this country, but want to put a Minaret in place of the U.S. Capitol. If you had a problem with that, you should have stayed in Gainsville.

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