Breitbart Publishes ‘Occupy’ Emails That Expose Conspiracy to ‘Destabilize Governments, Global Markets’

Big surprise. Still think they’re just a bunch of passionate, peaceful, harmless kids?

Via Big Government:

We’re in this for the long haul. There are no “solutions” that can be presented quickly to make us go away. And so there will be moments where our presence is no longer an uncomfortable and unknown variable, but rather is normalized and integrated. It’s in those moments that we have to push the envelop [sic], pry open the space of possibility even farther. We go as far as we can to destabalize [sic], but maintain momentum. And when that’s the new “normal” then we go farther. That’s how change happens, how we shift the terrain and the terms of the game.

– Email in “Occupy” archive, “Re: Can OWS be turned into a Democratic Party Movement?”; Wednesday, October 12, 2011

In keeping with the new media notion of crowdsourcing–enthusiastically embraced by the mainstream media when trawling through Sarah Palin’s emails–Big Government will be providing readers later today with links to a document drop consisting of thousands of emails.

The email archive, created by a private cyber security researcher, appears to contain messages shared by the left’s anarcho-socialist activists during the strategic and daily tactical planning of the “Occupy Wall Street” and broader “Occupy” campaign this fall.

Big Government received a tip about the existence of the archive, and we were able to contact the individual who compiled and posted it. He will describe the archive, and how he obtained the emails, later this morning exclusively on Big Government.

Through “crowdsourcing,” the media and the public will then be able to discover the truth behind the “Occupy” movement.

The archive includes emails, for example, from radical anarchist organizer Lisa Fithian, who was profiled earlier this week at Big Government, and who is one of the leading organizers behind the Occupy movement.

In one email, dated October 1, Fithian applauds the launch of “occupations” throughout the country. She also highlights an ACORN-style illegal home occupation in California, linking to a television news story that reveals the involvement of the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE), which is apparently the reconstituted version of ACORN in California.

Per the 8800+ pages of emails (3900+ emails), the Occupy movement has been in the works for some time. Its leaders apparently intend for it to broaden out and intertwine with the Days of Rage global initiative, which is set to begin on Saturday, October 15th. They also intend the demonstrations to continue indefinitely…

Read the rest here:

This communist Carpe Diem has been in the works for awhile. Neveretheless, Nancy Pelosi refers to it as “spontaneity”.

It’s comprised of just about every leftwing extremist group you can imagine; unions, the CPUSA, Socialist Workers Party, ec0-nutters, anarchists, MoveOn, and Islamic terrorist cheerleaders. 

An interesting glimpse at another one of the “Occupy” instigators, from kentatwater (in the comments):

I wrote earlier about the person apparently responsible for the (as in Cincinnati).…A day after I posted this information about, the registry data was hidden behind DomainsByProxy, but a screenshot lives here:

I’ve now found this document:

As the documents uncovered by kentatwater show, the was organized by a Jorge P. Newbery and Berwick Partners, who are defendants in a court case involving a  forged endorsement on an insurance check,  in the amount of $433, 236.73.

The plaintiff is JP Morgan Chase Bank. The eeeeeeeevil creditor Newbery and Co. tried to defraud.

Say it aint so.

The Dems have embraced this collection of thugs,  derelicts, and nihilists as “inspiring”.   If it ever comes to blood in the streets thanks to the  ‘Occupy’ nuts, Dems will be included as casualties.  What DemLeft morons don’t get, or admit, is that Tea Party protests are  a lot different than the gaggle of communist malcontents holding Zuccotti park in NYC under siege.  We want a return to the Constitution. We are protesting against socialist Big Government. The “Occupy” morons are protesting against America

The more that comes out about the groups behind the “Occupy” protests, the uglier it gets. The best disinfectant in sunlight.

2 thoughts on “Breitbart Publishes ‘Occupy’ Emails That Expose Conspiracy to ‘Destabilize Governments, Global Markets’”

  1. Ooooh, scary. Every left wing nut gravitated to Occupy, just as every right wing nut gravitated to Teaparty. Big surprise. To demonize them and ignore their legitimate grievances undermines your own grievances. Is that the best argument you have against any solutions that may be proposed to address their concerns? If so, then the occupy movement can safely ignore you.

    1. Zinc,
      Scary? Yeah, in a SDS/Weathermen domestic terrorist kind of way. Have you listened to their rhetoric and seen their behavior?

      Leftwingnuts instantly demonized the grassroots Tea Party for peacefully protesting the Obama regime’s constitutional violations and the tyrannical hubris of Pelosi’s (former) Dem-controlled Congress. The DemLeft simply doesn’t like opposition to their socialist government power-grabs. The “Occupy” wackjobs, on the other hand, were readily embraced.
      What does that say about them?

      Note the big difference between the Tea Party and the “Occupy” radicals. Take a good look at “Occupy”. Accusations of “demonizing” are fatuous considering who and what they are.

      The “concerns” of the “Occupy” morons have nothing to do with fiscal responsibility, limited government, or following the principles outlined in the Constitution. Those are TEA PARTY grievences, which are neither radical nor unreasonable. Trying to compare the bat-shit crazy behavior and Marxist goals of the “occupy” crowd with Tea Party patriots is beyond absurd. The best argument I have for a solution is to get Big Government the hell out of free market enterprise, get back to the limited government intended by the founders, and for the “occupy” idiots to do something better than setting a goal of “fundamentally transforming” this country into a socialist or anarchist nightmare.

      Here’s my stock answer to the “occupy” morons:

      You are not the “99%”. Of anything. You’re a hell of a lot better off than the generations of Americans who built and protected this country through mass immigration in the 19th century and two world wars. You’ve got it made compared to your grandparents and great grandparents. Instead of doing what it takes to get your lives together and work for what you want, even if it means taking that temporary less-than-desirable job, you’re too busy wallowing in self-pity. Thank gawd this country didn’t have to depend on assclowns like you during the last 235 years of its history. It’s bad enough you’re going to be part of its future.

      No one gave me a free meal ticket in life. I come from a working class family. My environment was far from prosperous. My mother raised 7 kids, mostly by herself. We all worked. My two older step sisters worked two part time jobs, and my mother worked to make ends meet. At the age of 18, I joined the United States Army and served the country for a total of 30 years.

      There’s also incessant whining over “student loans”, “no jobs”, and how it’s “not what they were promised their first day of school”. It’s the university’s fault. It’s society’s fault. It’s the corporations’ fault. It’s the fault of those eeeeevil rich bastards who worked hard and made money. It’s Bush’s fault. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! What a bunch of pathetic candy asses. The agonizing list of complaints range from maudlin to nutty as a fruitcake.

      We believe in a helping hand, not a handout.

      Parents are supposed to set an example of values, principles, and work ethic to help their kids have a better life than they did. The opportunities are there. You have to do something besides sit on your ass and complain about how unfair it is that the eeeeevil rich have so much money. Ordinary rational humans wouldn’t want to destroy their countries’ economy and penalize wage-earners with more taxation. But, that’s the goal of the class-warfare neo-Bolsheviks in the White House and the Democratic party. Obama owns this socialist economic trainwreck.:

      Work ethic and personal responsibility for one’s lifestyle and actions start at home. When parents don’t tell Big Government to mind its own fucking business and stick to doing its job of following the Constitution, the result is what you see as the “Occupy Wall Street” circus.

      “Occupy” is a collection of loud, obnoxious, vandalizing, violence-prone, peurile, tantrum-throwing little communists, who would never live under the system they advocate. You can bet your ass on it. If the “Occupy” movement keeps crossing the line, they won’t be able to ignore the beat down they get. Want violence with your class warfare? Be careful what you wish for.

      SFC MAC

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