Breitbart to LA Times: ‘Where’s the Obama/Khalid Tape’?

In 2008, Obama attended a farewell party in Chicago for his pal Rashid Khalidi, where he lavished praise on the PLO operative.

The LA Times reported on the event and videotaped it as well.   They’ve been hoarding the tape ever since.

From John Nolte at Big Journalism.

……Which brings me to the Khalidi tape, where it seems a source is telling the media, specifically the L.A. Times, what can and can’t be told about a 2003 dinner Obama attended celebrating his longtime friend, Rashid Khalidi, a one-time spokesman for terror-leader Yasser Arafat.

In an article written by Peter Wallsten during the 2008 election titled, “Allies of Palestinians see a friend in Obama,” we learned of the event, that there was video of the event, and that some of the night’s speakers accused Israel of terrorism and compared Jewish settlers to terror mastermind Osama bin Laden.

There’s also speculation Obama lavished praise on the terror-apologist Khalidi and that Bill Ayers was in attendance. You know, the domestic terrorist Obama says was “just a guy in the neighborhood.”

According to Wallsten, Obama was not one of the speakers hurling hate at the Jews and Israel, but I’d like to see that for myself. And with the Middle East on fire and the President seemingly indifferent to Israel’s upcoming showdown with Iran, the people and influences a then-41 year-old Obama marinated himself in just a year before launching a national political career, is as relevant today as it was in 2008.

And yet, the same media, that as I write this is replaying the illegally obtained and selectively edited ’47 percent’ video of Mitt Romney for the gajillionth time, refuses to release the full Khalidi tape or provide a full description of what the tape shows.

Suddenly the L.A. Times (and the rest of the media that refuses to press the L.A. Times to release the video) is concerned with laws and ethics based on a convenient standard involving journalistic sources. Which makes one wonder if the source involved only allowed the L.A. Times access to the video if in exchange they agreed to write an article complimentary to Obama.

……Let me put it this way…

Exact same situation, but instead the video is of Mitt Romney at a celebratory dinner for David Duke.

Tell me we wouldn’t have seen that by now.

……The media is covering for, fighting for, and through sins of omission and commission, propagandizing for Barack Obama. This is why Breitbart News is offering a $100,000 reward for the video — in the hopes that someone who believes in the public’s right to know will come forward with the video.

In today’s media environment, there is no greater career sin than violating the left-wing narrative. Therefore, anyone willing to do such a thing deserves to be rewarded.

That tape is probably in a basement vault.  The LA Times is a staunch leftwing media tool and the media always covers for its darlings.

1 thought on “Breitbart to LA Times: ‘Where’s the Obama/Khalid Tape’?”

  1. The tapes probably been erased and is sitting in a landfill somewhere. If you want to keep dirty secrets hidden, the best way is to destroy any proof.

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