Pakistan Muzzies Explode in Violence, Obama Runs Apology Ad

Paki muzzies are on a rampage and at least 16 are killed.

Once again Obama and the Hildabeast go out of their way to blame an anti-Islamofascist video for the inherent violence and malfeasance of muslim “culture”.

$70,000 of taxpayer funds went into making that kowtowing piece of shit that basically makes America look like pussies.

All that bullshit about “tolerating all faiths” but not one goddamned word about the Islamofascist excrement that slaughters other people because of their hate-filled theocracy.

While Obama blames Nakoula and the Feds harass him, the ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ film which is being produced with the secrets Obama leaked to his Hollywood pals, is apparently going forward with no media scrutiny or apology.

They’re running amok all across the Middle East and all the Obama regime can do is kiss the ass of every muzzie zealot within earshot.

Romney cannot be elected soon enough.

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