British Soldier Murdered by Afghan ‘Cop’

Another murder of Western troops by one of our so-called ‘allies’.

An unwitting British Soldier who posed for a photograph with a rogue Afghan policeman was shot dead by him seconds later.

Corporal Brent McCarthy, 25, is pictured with a member of the Afghan Uniformed Police just moments before the shooting.

After the snap was taken the gunman and another accomplice turned their weapons on the RAF policeman.

His comrade Lance Corporal Lee Davies, 27, of the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards, who can be seen sitting grinning in the background of the photo, was also shot dead.

A military inquest heard the pair both died of ‘unsurvivable injuries’ after being shot by close range gunshots.

Both Soldiers were part of an eight-man team who had gone to the Afghan police base in the Lashkar Gah district of Helmand province on May 12.

The patrol had gone there so British officers could meet local police officials with RAF policeman Cpl McCarthy acting as a specialist adviser.

……LCpl Davies, from Barry, South Wales, had remarked that the Afghan pictured had ‘wet himself’ and this may have been a sign as to what was about to happen, the inquest heard.

The Afghan national pictured was shot dead by a British guardsman as he tried to flee the scene.

Corporal Brent McCarthy of McCarthy with a rogue Afghan policemen suspected of shooting dead him and L/Cpl Lee Davies, 1st Battalion Welsh Guards
Nothing like incontinence before you murder someone in the name of Islam.

The whole situation for allied troops is fucked beyond repair.  There is no such thing as a ‘friendly’  muzzie anywhere in the Middle East, especially in a war zone.

A dicked up ROE, pussified, politically correct regulations, and portraying the enemy as less of an enemy isn’t a war. It’s a clusterfuck.  But then, “victory isn’t necessarily the goal.”

Trying to win the hearts and minds of a gutter culture stuck in the perverted philosophy of a 7th century Islamic zealot, won’t stop them from jihad.  Killing them will. We should be sending them to hell, not shaking their hands.

The so-called partnership between allied troops and Afghans is an epic fail. The Taliban and Al Qaeda have infiltrated the Afghan forces and most certainly have influence in Karzai’s regime.

You don’t negotiate with the enemy, you annihilate them; you crush them to the point where they will never again have the ability to  do harm. That is a lesson the West has yet to learn.

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  1. what would Curtis LeMay do…

    he’s nuke the fuckers ’til they glowed…
    grade it flat…
    cover it with asphalt…
    make it a parkin’ lot for goat molesters…

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