Business Owner in Romney Ad Receives Email, Phone Harassment

It’s the Chicago Way.

From the New Hampshire Union Leader.

The New Hampshire businessman who appears in a Mitt Romney television ad accusing President Barack Obama of “demonizing” small business owners has gone to his local police after receiving two “harassing” telephone calls and, he says, hundreds of nasty emails.

“It’s frightening to me,” said Jack Gilchrist of Gilchrist Metal Fabricating of Hudson, who also said Thursday he received hundreds of supportive emails as well.

Gilchrist said that while “there was no specific threat, to me, it’s harassment.”

Capt. Bill Avery of the Hudson Police Department confirmed that an officer took “an investigative report of harassment” from Gilchrist on Wednesday.

“And,” said Avery, “we will investigate.”

……Romney campaign spokesman Ryan Williams said the Obama campaign’s “attacks” on Gilchrist and his business prompted the telephone calls and emails.

“This is the same kind of Chicago-style politics that the Obama political machine has repeatedly used to push the President’s liberal agenda and intimidate anybody who disagrees with his failed policies,” said Williams.

……“My father’s hands didn’t build this company?” Gilchrist asks in the television ad. “My hands didn’t build this company? Through hard work and a little bit of luck, we built this business. Why are you (Obama) demonizing us for it?”

……Gilchrist emailed what he said were the voice mails to on Thursday.

One called him a “vile piece of (expletive),” among other things, and demanded he call Obama to apologize.

The caller was identified by Gilchrist through his caller ID. The man called from area code 630, which is the Chicago area. He has posted anti-Republican and anti-conservative messages on Twitter in the past, including a 2009 posts that said, “GOP needs to be eliminated,” and, “I am prepared to kill people. Let the tea bagers (sic) fire the first shot and I will pile up the bodies of the traitors.”

The other caller, to Gilchrist’s associate, names Gilchrist and calls him “a (expletive) liar,” a “(expletive) Republican piece of (expletive),” and told him to “burn in hell.”

Wanna bet the Chicago caller is a union thug?

Joe (The Plumber) Wurzelbacher suffered the same orchestrated harrassment from Obama’s supporters.

Dissent under Obama’s regime won’t be tolerated.


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2 thoughts on “Business Owner in Romney Ad Receives Email, Phone Harassment”

  1. off the reservation

    and with the economy barreling along at a brisk 1.5% growth rate, what will Obama do now? The liberals are going to beat on the businesses more with ever burdensome regulations, jacking up their tax rates. All the while, blame it on Bush. All the while demoralizing people running businesses and firing up mobs to crush them.

    This IS Obama’s MESS! The almighty dictator had two years of Democrat House and Senate to pass everything he could possibly dream of and now we see the results. Government has grown. Government has bought businesses. Government has thrown money at failing businesses (e.g., Solyndra) that had one purpose, to funnel tax payer dollars into the Democrat coffers and pockets. More and more people taking from the government on bogus SS disability claims just so the filthy tyrants in Washington could shuffle people from unemployment roles to bring down unemployment.

    I cannot wait for those liberal city dwellers to show up to their grocery stores to see rows and rows of empty shelves. Then the liberal feast will begin as they devour each other.

  2. off the reservation

    Conservatives and liberals cannot live together. Liberals live off of conservatives, in a relationship commonly known as slavery. If the conservative slaves speak out “enough is enough”, they get a beating from their liberal masters.

    The investigation will go nowhere. DOJ will squelch it. This is why Obama wants the names of all people contributing to the Republican party, so they can be targeted for violent action.

    Obama is the treasonous thug leader.

    Obama is another banana republic dictator.

    Obama has the largest gun running operation on this continent.

    Obama runs the largest agency (DOJ) that backs racism and racist violence on this continent.

    The USeless Federal Govt is the leading corrupt dictatorship on this continent.

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