Ohio Liberty Coalition: ‘Occupy’ Plans Another ‘Kent State’

Besides plotting to blow up bridges and a crime wave of assaults, rapes, and vandalism, a local Cleveland chapter of the ‘Occupy’ thugs wants a human sacrifice to kick off the election.

Donny Deutsch, one of MSNBC’s resident moonbats has the same idea.

From the Ohio Liberty Coalition.

The Ohio Liberty Coalition today disclosed disturbing information implicating Occupy Movement leader Caleb Maupin and unidentified members of the faculty at Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, OH who, in a meeting on campus this year, specifically called for “someone to be sacrificed” and said the Occupy Movement needed “another Kent State” to “get the riots going before this election.” The information, which was provided by a person who attended the meetings, was given by the OLC to the FBI field office in Akron and to other law enforcement agencies in June. The OLC also delivered a letter to Baldwin-Wallace President, Robert Helmer, making him aware that these meetings are taking place on his campus and are, in some cases, believe to be led by members of his faculty. The letter calls for the College to investigate the involvement of faculty members in Occupy Meetings and to disclose if any faculty members reported the call for “another Kent State” to his office or to authorities.

……OLC President Tom Zawistowski explained “This is further evidence that the Occupy Movement is not about political activism, but is really about breaking the law and creating civil unrest. It is our understanding that some of the Occupy Movement members who plotted to blow up the bridge in Cleveland were at this meeting. What responsibility does Caleb Maupin and members of the BW faculty have for instigating their actions? Clearly the bridge bombing is only part of the violence that the Occupy Leaders are planning. Hopefully the exposing of those plans will help law enforcement keep them from happening.”

Zawistowski concluded by saying, “What is most disturbing to common citizens is that the activities of people like Caleb Maupin in Ohio, are paid for by union dues from the UAW and SEIU. Plus they are given support and direction by factions of the Democratic Party nationally and top members of the Ohio Democratic Party. This type of activity is not part of our political process and the Democratic Party and its Union supporters need to end their involvement with the Occupy Movement immediately. Lives are clearly at stake here.”

Caleb Maupin is a real piece of communist naiveté; a red diaper baby who was thoroughly indoctrinated by the age of 19.

From Scene Magazine (Cleveland).

Maupin is the leader of a small group of like-minded communists called Cleveland FIST, the local arm of a national youth organization. Maupin’s sidekick is Adam Gluntz, a stocky blond philosophy student from Baldwin-Wallace College. Together, they’re a straight-faced Laurel and Hardy of liberal radicalism: two white guys from suburban and rural backgrounds who have inserted themselves at the forefront of the local far-left.

……Maupin grew up in red, white, and blue-blooded Orrville, the oldest son in one of the only liberal families on the block. Politics was a common topic of conversation in the household, and a young Maupin got an early taste of the picket line when his mother and other Stark County librarians went on strike. As he got older, he spent most of his free time reading, eventually cracking open The Communist Manifesto in the fifth grade. Hooked on the message, Maupin read his way through other communist staples and began contacting local socialist groups about how he could get involved. By 19, he was a member of the Workers World Party, one of the largest communist groups in America.

……In 2006, Maupin took up political science at Baldwin-Wallace. But once classes began, he became disappointed with the beer-bong dilettantism and unengaged attitude of most of the student body.

“I came to college because I wanted to learn — political theory, international politics, all of it. Other students weren’t there to learn; they were there to get their grade and get a job . . . and they’re going to be lucky if they have a job at this point,” he says.

Shortly thereafter, Maupin met Gluntz, a B-W music student from Hudson. The two shared an interest in politics, despite Gluntz’s conservative leanings at the time. They spent long nights talking politics at a nearby Denny’s, and eventually Maupin drafted his friend into the communist ranks. Now boasting a Trotsky to his Lenin, Maupin founded the local chapter of FIST and dropped out of school to focus full time on activism.

Oh boy.  A twenty-something communist and college dropout.  What a resume.  Wanna bet he’ll never have a real job?

By the way, one of the ‘Occupy’ bridge bombing plotters plead guilty and will testify against the others:

Anthony Hayne, 35 of Cleveland, plead guilty to three counts at a hearing in Federal Court on Wednesday morning.

According to Tobin, Hayne plead guilty to charges of conspiracy to possess weapons of mass destruction, attempted use of weapons of mass destruction and malicious use of an explosive device to destroy property used in inner-state commerce.

As part of his plea Hayne agreed to testify against the other suspects accused in the bomb plot, Douglas L. Wright, 26, Brandon L. Baxter, 20, Connor C. Stevens 20 and Joshua S. Stafford, 23.

Federal authorities indicted the five men on charges that they conspired to blow up the State Route 82 Brecksville-Northfield High Level Bridge that crosses from Brecksville to Sagamore Hills over the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

The document published by the OLC doesn’t say how Maupin and his band of disgruntled revolutionaries plan on starting the riots. Maybe the FBI will pay the little Bolshevik a visit and ask him.


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  1. off the reservation

    I am willing to bet they will all be having dinner at Ayers’s house with Barry and Michelle by the end of the year. Where is Holder? Behind the scenes running interference????

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