Canada’s PC “Facilitators”

The “re-education camps” are next.

Queen’s University in Kingston, Ont., has hired six students whose jobs as “dialogue facilitators” will involve intervening in conversations among students in dining halls and common rooms to encourage discussion of such social justice issues as race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability and social class.

“If there’s a teachable moment, we’ll take it,” said assistant dean of student affairs Arig Girgrah, who runs the program. “A lot of community building happens around food and dining.”

Forcing political issues, lifestyles, and opinions on students whether they like it or not, and whether they agree with it or not, is a teachable moment.

The Khmer Rouge thought so, too.

……”They’re not disciplinarians. They’re called facilitators for a reason,” he said, adding that such a program is of particular value now that so much communication by young people happens over the Internet.

You vill like zee facilitation, or else!

……It is just one of many recent efforts to promote diversity – such as gender-neutral washrooms, prayer space, and halal and kosher food service – at a school that is still smarting from a report on systemic racism two years ago that criticized its “culture of whiteness.”

A “culture of whiteness”. How. Fucking. Racist. So what happens if this school becomes so inundated with “people of color” for the sake of “diversitiy”, that the “culture of whiteness” is in the minority? They plan on inflicting the same facilitation on the new majority?

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