Your Laugh for the Day

This side-splitter comes from a New York Times hack, David E. Sanger, that was also published in the ‘equally balanced’ MSNBC online:

Obama Tilts to Center, Inviting a Clash of Ideas

……Obama is planning to govern from the center-right of his party, surrounding himself with pragmatists rather than ideologues.

This is satire,right? Is Sanger planning to publish this crap in The Onion?

“Center right” as compared to what? The same Obama who cavorts with members of the Muslim Brotherhood, ACORN, CAIR, The Nation of Islam, William Ayers, and the Arab American Action Network? The same Obama that drew endorsements from Hamas and Palestinian fund raisers in Gaza? The Obama with Marxist mentors and political roots?

“Center right” like the other leftwing Socialist/anti-American ideologues in the party? Daschle? Napolitano? Richardson? Holder? Hillary? Emmanuel?

The Clinton Regime Part II is on the way, and it’s far from ‘center right’. In case Sanger never noticed, the Democratic Party doesn’t have a “center right”.

2 thoughts on “Your Laugh for the Day”

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  2. Well, he did say, “[sic]…from the center-right of his party.” When speaking of the Democrats that tends to mean Soviet-style State Socialism as opposed to Maoist Communism.

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