Casey Anthony’s Defense Attorney Shows His Classy Side

Hey jurors, take a good look. One digit to match his level of class.

Casey Anthony defense attorney Cheney Mason was pictured giving reporters and onlookers his “finger of affection,” as Judge Belvin Perry dubbed the gesture during the high-profile trial.
Last week, Perry sentenced a courtroom spectator to six days in jail for holding his middle finger up to a prosecutor.
On Tuesday afternoon, after a not guilty verdict was read in Casey Anthony’s murder trial, Mason was seen using his middle finger at a downtown Orlando restaurant.

An Associated Press photographer captured the photo.

Mason apparently used the gesture toward reporters peering through a window while he and the rest of the Anthony defense team celebrated their victory.

Mason’s finger was meant for every decent person who knows what kind of shitbag Casey Anthony is. It’s an in-your-face, “I got her out of a murder rap and you can’t do anything about it, nyah nyah nyah.”

He’s right on par with his client.

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