Murderer Casey Anthony to be Freed From Jail, Jurors ‘Feel Sick’ Over Decision

This cold-blooded child killer goes free. Thanks, jurors.

A Florida judge on Thursday sentenced Casey Anthony to four years in jail for lying to police after her daughter disappeared, but she will be released from custody next week after getting credit for time served and good behavior.

Court officials said Anthony, 25, will be let out of jail on July 13, having received credit for the 1,043 days she spent behind bars since her arrest.

Anthony was acquitted on Tuesday of killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee in 2008 but on Thursday received the toughest possible punishment for providing false information to law enforcement during the investigation.

Each of the four misdemeanor counts Anthony was convicted of carried a maximum of one year in jail. Judge Belvin Perry ordered the one-year terms to run consecutively, and also imposed a $1,000 fine for each count.

Perry said as a result of Casey Anthony’s lies, law enforcement spent “a great deal of time, energy and manpower looking for young Caylee Marie Anthony.”

Anthony did not speak during the sentencing hearing. She wore her long hair loose rather than pulled tightly back as she had during the trial and smiled while she chatted with defense attorneys before the proceedings.

But her face tightened as the judge discussed her lies and handed down the punishment.

……Millions of Americans followed the trial and many were stunned, even angered, by the verdict reached by jurors on Tuesday.

The jury also found Anthony not guilty of aggravated child abuse or aggravated manslaughter of a child. Jurors who have spoken out since said they felt there wasn’t enough evidence for a murder conviction, but their decision left them in tears and feeling sick.

Yeah morons, we feel sick too. Especially since the strong circumstantial evidence  pointed to the only suspect that had the motivation, the opportunity, and the means.

Aside from Anthony’s string of lies,  here’s a summary of some of the forensic evidence:

…..(Anthony) said – or imagined – Caylee drowned.

Counter this nonsense with forensic evidence.

A veteran FBI specialist on hair samples, Karen Korsberg Lowe, testified a 9-inch strand of light brown hair found in Casey Anthony’s trunk not only matched DNA in the Anthony family, but also matched hairs pulled from Caylee’s brush.

What’s more, Lowe said the hair showed dark “postmortem root banding.” In plain English: It came from a dead person.

Prosecutors went to scientist Arpad Vass, of the prestigious Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. This guy is so good he can analyze air. He found “overwhelming” evidence in the trunk’s atmosphere that a decomposed body had been in it. He also found “shockingly high” levels of chloroform in the trunk.

The Florida jury wasn’t satisfied with that reality.

They also weren’t satisfied with evidence that someone used Casey Anthony’s computer to search the Internet for instructions on how to make chloroform.

Prosecutors charged Casey Anthony chloroformed little Caylee, and then put duct tape over her daughter’s mouth and nose to suffocate her. It was an unusual type of duct tape, and matched a rare brand found in the Anthony family garage.

……There was plenty of DNA against Casey Anthony, but the jurors seemed to want more evidence, like a date of death, a time of death, a murder location and maybe even a stronger motive than wanting to be a party girl instead of a mom.

Those jurors should be sick for the rest of their lives.

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