Catholic Charities Fund Illegal Alien Invasion

I’m shocked.

BizPac Review

Independent journalist Ali Bradley interviewed Sister Norma Pimentel of Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley concerning the non-governmental organization’s funding of airline tickets for illegal immigrants and how taxpayer money is being used to subsidize it.

The reporter previously interviewed Sister Pimentel in August. The revelation concerning the NGO sparked further outrage over the Biden administration facilitating the transporting of illegal immigrants from the southern border to towns and cities across the nation. The administration has been secretly flying them in the dead of night without notice for months. Catholic Charities appears to be supporting the illegal activity on moral grounds.


“Moral grounds”? Why in the fuck aren’t they helping persecuted Christians  in the Middle East or the Uyghurs in China? They prefer to aid and abet criminals who commit more crimes when they get here.

The intrepid journalist has been fearless on the subject of American nonprofits, such as Catholic Charities, that are accepting taxpayer money to fund illegal immigrants using “moral duty” as a justification for allegedly breaking the law and politicizing charity.


The unvetted dredges are also bringing diseases not seen here for decades. Funny how Biden tries to push the covid vax on American citizens, but the hordes of infected illegals waltz right in with no problem.

Since Sister Pimentel and Catholic Charities want to be so fucking generous with our tax money and access to free housing and other benefits, she can put them up at her house, or drop them off at Biden’s home in Delaware. American citizens are tired of this shit.

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