Charlie (Taxes? What Taxes?) Rangel Gets a Slap on the Wrist

Censure. Wow, that’ll show ’em.

Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y. arrives.

The House ethics committee on Thursday recommended censure for longtime Rep. Charles Rangel, suggesting that the New York Democrat suffer the embarrassment of standing before his colleagues while receiving an oral rebuke by the speaker for financial and fundraising misconduct.
Censure is the most serious congressional discipline short of expulsion. The House, which could change the recommended discipline by making it more serious or less serious, probably will consider Rangel’s case after Thanksgiving.

The ethics committee voted 9-1 to recommend censure and that Rangel pay any taxes he owes on income from a vacation villa in the Dominican Republic. The five Democrats and five Republicans on the panel deliberated for about three hours behind closed doors.

 The committee based its decision on “the cumulative nature of the violations and not any direct personal financial gain.”

Apparently, all that money he swindled, 17 years of non-tax payment on his villa, and abuse of his Ways and Means office, had no bearing on his personal financial gain.

Charlie gives lectures on ‘integrity’:

“These rules aren’t there to punish members, they are there to guide the members in order to protect the character and integrity of this congress and whether they’re new members or older members they have a responsibility to do just that.”

The rules, as they stand, are selectively used to protect instead of punish. Not all members of Congress are afforded protection. Remember what happened to Trent Lott and Tom DeLay?

No one really expected this sleazy mutherfucker to be expelled. For some reason, the bar hasn’t been set high enough for someone like Rangel to get the boot.

So much for “draining the swamp”.

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