More Flak for the Transportation Stupidity Agency: America Strikes Back

It hasn’t been a good week for the TSA, especially since a fed-up American passenger told a screener: “If you touch my junk, I’ll have you arrested”.

The hits just keep on comin’, and it couldn’t happen to a better bunch of idiots.

This holiday season, we’re all convicts:

We Get the Security We Deserve:

If you are upset about the Orwellian TSA screening procedures in effect in our nation’s airports, too bad.

Our country has gone back to sleep, reverting to a 9/10 military posture vis-à-vis the Jihad being waged against us infidels. How can you tell? Once again, Progressive Americans are treating terrorists as though they are simply criminals who should face justice in a civilian-criminal court of law. When Yemen sends crotch and printer bombs, we send in the FBI. This was the 9/10 (or) Progressive response to the Jihad, which made possible the events of 9/11.

Another example of our return to a 9/10 mindset can be found in our reactions to Islamists declaring Jihad against us. When Osama did it in 1996 (FROM YEMEN), the West yawned. Who was this sandman to declare war on us, we thought. Only we declare war – nobody else has that power or capacity, right? Once again, Jihad has been declared against us, now by the Muslim Brotherhood directly. The West is yawning once more.

When we briefly adopted a 9/12 posture against our Islamist enemies, they were too busy running and hiding and dying, to be planning and launching multiple attempts to blow us out of the sky. Our enemies seem to have all the time and breathing room in the world now though, inspiring the question: What ever could have changed over the past couple of years, leading to this new “normal” of repeated Yemeni-Jihad bomb plots? Oh well, we could wonder for hours and probably never put our finger on it.

No Means No:

It has been a bad PR week for the TSA, which is having its proverbial privates examined by the Internet.  The TSA’s new genital examinations and X-ray scanners, known by the charming colloquial “dick measurers” by TSA personnel, have prompted horror stories from outraged citizens who choose to opt-out of the invasive and possibly dangerous X-ray scans only to be promptly felt up by TSA’s trained staff of Junk Grabbers.

It’s a good thing the TSA wouldn’t hire sex offenders.  Oh, wait

Chief Public Molestation Advocate Janet Napolitano is lamely defending the stepped up airport security, but she seems to have taken her talking points from Lois Griffin.  I’ll summarize it for you: “If we can’t grab your junk, the terrorists will win.”
The TSA’s John “Tiny Pistol” Pistole took it a step further in an astonishing display of sack, arguing that we should really be blaming the outraged travelers:
“I think it’s irresponsible to say, ‘let’s opt out and not try to go through any type of security screening or something that would cause significant delays at the airport on the busiest travel day … of the year.’ “

The Drudge Report posted this (admittedly, 2007) picture under the headline “The Terrorists Have Won.”  Here, a potentially dangerous and psychopathic Catholic nun terrorist who possibly hates us for our freedom is being felt up by a hijabi-clad Junk Grabber prostrate on her knees.  Oh, the irony!

I don’t know if the terrorists have won, but we certainly seem to be losing.

Ohio Woman Describes Sexual Assault by TSA Screener:

“She patted down my arms, my back, my lower back. Then she proceeded to go around my waste band with her fingers inside my waste band. She did tell me she was going to do that. After that she gave me no instruction during the pat-down. She then proceeded to touch my buttocks on both sides with the palm of her hand. She then moved around to the front. Touched the tops of my breasts and underneath my breasts. Again, she gave no instruction that she was going to do that. Then she moved to the bottom of my legs moving all the way up my inner thighs touching my private areas and again she did not tell me that she was going to touch me in any of those places.”

Right now, we’re stuck with an agency that engages in jack-booted tactics against the wrong people, and reacts rather than prevents.

El Al (Israeli airlines) has a triple system of common sense security: Profiling, questioning, and checking documents. It’s the safest, most secure airlines with regard to counter-terrorism in the world. The TSA should be replaced with a private security agency, preferably staffed with former counter-terrorism military personnel, who know what the fuck they’re doing.

I applied for a TSA job for a position at the Cleveland airport. During the assessment interview, I made it clear that as a former Soldier with experience in counter terrorism, I have an unapologetic lack of political correctness. There’s nothing wrong with pulling that Arabic-speaking Middle Eastern male between the age of 18-35 out of line, to scrutinize him a bit more that you would an 80 year old wheel-chair bound person on oxygen. Needless to say, I was not hired.

They hire sex offenders and radical muslims like Nawar Shora, the legal director for the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, as senior advisers for its office of “civil rights and liberties”, but they wouldn’t hire someone like me.

We are so fucked.

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