Children and the ‘Peaceful Religion of Islam’

An Islamofascist scumbag aka “AbuMarwan23” has a video selection on ‘YouTube’ showing just how young future jihadists are recruited and indoctrinated to become rabid human bombs for Allah.

Link :

Oh yeah, and he’s also got vids of Bin Laden’s various messages for us infidels,  speeches by the (now in hell) Zarqawi and various Sheiks and Mullahs spouting the usual “death to the Great Satan” shit.  Of particular comedy relief is the former American-turned Islamofascist traitor Adam ‘Yahiye Gadahn Azzam’ Pearlman.

Adam Gadahn was named by none other than al Qaeda operations chief, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed.
…..Mohammed told interrogators he wanted Gadahn to join a plot to blow up fuel stations outside Baltimore. The report says Gadahn was willing to help, but would not join in any suicide operations because his wife was pregnant.

Some bio on the little jihadist:

The 25-year-old former Orange County resident had a hippie upbringing, a short-but-fanatical devotion to death metal, converted to Islam, and spent two days in jail for attacking a member of his mosque. This story had it all.

……Within a day, an essay titled “Becoming Muslim,” apparently written by Gadahn in 1995 and originally posted to a USC website, was circulating on the Internet. In it, Gadahn details a preposterous journey, from an unconventional childhood as the son of hippie parents who raised him on a goat farm without electricity or indoor plumbing, to a short (it appears only one year) but fitful fascination with death metal music, to his subsequent conversion to Islam. “Having been around Muslims in my formative years,” he writes, “I knew well that they were not the bloodthirsty, barbaric terrorists that the news media and the televangelists paint them to be.”

……Adam Gadahn was born Adam Pearlman in Orange County. His father, acclaimed ’60s underground psychedelic musician Phil Pearlman, was the one who chose the name Gadahn. Phil Pearlman founded the West Coast group Beat of the Earth, a band often compared by critics to their East Coast counterpart, the Velvet Underground.

……Though this part of the story might have caused a few in middle America to pause, Californians are accustomed to living with leftover ’60s culture, from the Heal the Bay movement to the Krishna festivals on Venice Beach. So it’s not strange that a gifted ’60s counterculture hero, the son of a Jewish urologist and a Christian housewife, would change his name to Gadahn shortly after getting married because (according to a former band mate) they wanted a name that “meant nothing.” Also not strange was that they moved to a farm in rural Riverside County and took up the profession of raising and “humanely” slaughtering goats for market. Equally not strange is that Adam and his siblings were home-schooled and raised without running water and electricity. Eccentric, West Coast, out there in “la la land,” but not strange.

……According to his sister, Los Angeles environmentalist Nancy Pearlman, their father was a strong opponent of the Vietnam War. She told CNN, “Our family are strong believers in non-violence. We are strong believers in peace.”

‘Azzam’ of Jewish and Christian grandparents, now rails against the ‘Zionists’ and ‘Crusaders’. His ‘peace, love, and granola’ hippie parents who tried to inculcate the young lad with a “non violence” philosophy have to be wondering:  “Where did we go wrong?”

Too bad the ‘non-violence’ thing doesn’t translate into Arabic.

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