Still Looking for ‘Moderate’ Muslims

David Horowitz, former ’60’s radical-turned patriot sponsored Islamofascist Awareness Week at the so-called bastion of free speech, Berkeley College.  It’s purpose:

“We have organized students on over 100 campuses across the country, we are hosting over 30 speakers on subjects like the plight of women in Islam and we are leading the discussion on the danger of Islamo Fascism,” David Horowitz said after his speech at the University of Wisconsin Monday night. “Considering the breadth of activities we have organized and the level of coverage from the national media, Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week is already a success, and this is just Monday. By the end of the week millions of people will have heard our message that we will no longer turn a blind eye to the violence directed against women, gays and ‘infidels’ in Islamo-Fascist regimens. This homicidal intolerance and the conspiracy of silence that protects it on America’s campuses will no longer be accepted.”


The guest speaker at Berkeley was Nonie Darwish, Arab-American author and feminist, who has become an outspoken critic of Islam.  The event produced the usual crop of radical moonbats who protest anything that smacks of pro-democracy and anti-terrorism.  Even before she spoke, several hecklers tried to shout her down and had to be ejected by the police. 

During the speech and in the protests outside the lecture hall there were “activists” chanting the requisite accusations of  “racism”, “9/11 was an inside job”, “fascist” (ironically), “imperialist tool”, and other standard epithets. 

The most telling aspect of the entire protest was the conspicuous absence of “moderate” muslims and the overwhelming presence of leftist agitators such as the Revolutionary Communist Party.  As a matter of fact, the “moderates” were warned to stay away  from the demonstrations by the likes of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, who accused Conservative speakers of “hostility and division”, “xenophobia”, and “racism”.  Pot, meet Kettle.  Here’s an idea: Tell your own racist, xenophobic, fascist, misogynist, Islamic zealots to put away their bombs, hate-speech, visions of a planetary Caliphate, and ‘infidel’ rhetoric.   

These muslim morons passed up a prime opportunity to show their opposition to the very extremists that give them all a bad name. 

Instead of getting involved to show support for so-called “moderate” Islam; to denounce and distinguish themselves from the 21st Century Ottoman wannabes, they gave permission to the leftwingnuts to be their mouthpiece as they sat back and watched.  Doesn’t look as if there’s any room for “moderate” in Islam.

Another link to the story:

Robert Spencer, Director of Jihad Watch, spoke at DePaul University as part of the IFAW:

Last night I had the great honor of speaking on a panel with Iranian freedom fighter Amir Abbas Fakhravar. We were at DePaul University, where the crowd was hostile but only made a few attempts actually to shout us down. They restricted their chanting about racism — an absurd charge to hurl in any discussion of Islam and jihad, but particularly inappropriate to shout at a former inmate of the mullah’ prison cells — to before and after the event. It was hard to be heard at less than a shout level during the book signing after the event, when the peaceful, tolerant folks’ moronic chanting made it almost impossible to carry on a conversation.


The list of speakers is impressive and some of the Universities may prove to be quite a battleground;
Brown University–Robert Spencer
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo–Greg Davis
Clemson University -Mike Adams
Columbia University- David Horowitz
DePaul University– Robert Spencer
Dartmouth– Robert Spencer
Emory University – David Horowitz
Lawrence University– Jonathan Schanzer
George Mason University– Luana Saghieh and Alan Nathan
George Washington University -Michael Ledeen and Daphne Patai, David Horowitz
Penn State University– Rick Santorum
Princeton– David Horowitz
Pepperdine– Tammy Bruce
SFSU –Brian Sussman
Temple University-Rick Santorum
Tufts– Daniel Pipes
Tulane University– Ann Coulter
UC Berkeley – Nonie Darwish
UC Santa Barbara– Dennis Prager
UCLA – Cyrus Nowrasteh, Nonie Darwish, Joe Kaufman
University of Miami-Cyrus Nowrasteh
University of Pennsylvania– Rick Santorum
University of Rhode Island- Robert Spencer
University of Washington– Michael Medved
University of Wisconsin, Madison– David Horowitz
USC-Ann Coulter

The agenda of the far-left/Islamofascist alliance is to suppress any and all debate that runs contradictory to their agenda. The whole lot of them should fill planes headed for the Islamic state of their choice, but quite frankly, they’re not that dedicated to their ’causes’. They’ll talk the talk, but they don’t have the fortitude to walk. Pissing and moaning in a free country that guarantees that right, doesn’t take a lot of guts. I’ve said this before: Not one of them would actually live under the systems they advocate. They’ll just stay put and reap the benefits of freedom while others sacrifice to ensure that freedom.

By simply spewing ‘bigot’, racist’, and ‘witch hunt’ they hope to censor the people courageous enough to stand up to the MSM, leftist academic intelligentsia, and the Islamic extremist organizations that operate and recruit within the borders of western nations.

We won’t be intimidated or silenced.

1 thought on “Still Looking for ‘Moderate’ Muslims”

  1. Confidential to “Muslims against Sharia”:

    Come out enmasse. Show the world the so-called “moderate muslims”. I want to see the phantom majority of those who ‘repudiate the mere notion of Islamic supremacy’. I mean by the millions; not a scant letter, post, or rare website. Take to the streets. Show up at the college campuses where Islamofascism has become part of the curriculum. Confront CAIR. Join the GWOT by taking up arms against the al Qaeda and Taliban. And while you’re at it, spread reform across the Middle East, Northern Africa, Indonesia, and Asia. Tell them they can bow to Mecca all fuckin’ day if they wish. Just do it peacefully and quit with the terrorism just because the rest of us don’t follow suit.

    Then, I might buy what you’re selling.

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