Chris Matthews Gushes: ‘Obama is the Perfect American’ and if You Don’t Agree, You’re Racist’

Hat tip to Hot Air.

Chris Matthews, one of Obama’s most prolific performers of fellatio, had a three-way gab fest on MSNBC with left-wing WaPo columnist Eugene Robinson and Rep. Keith Ellison (Islamist-MN), the resident muzzie jihadist who used a koran to swear into office. The topic of discussion was about what haters those Republicans are.

Said Matthews:

“This guy’s done everything right. He’s raised his family right…. Everything he’s done is as clean as a whistle. He’s not only never broken any law–he’s never done anything wrong. He’s the perfect father. The perfect husband. The perfect American…there’s an ethnic piece to this.”

Clean as a whistle?? Last I checked, cocaine use was against the law.

The “perfect American” has racked up quite a crime spree.

Obama actually considers himself to be his own government; able to bypass Congress and the Constitution to make his own rules.  He leaked classified information, including the to operational secrets about getting Bin Laden, and as a result, the Paki doctor who served as an informant got thrown under the bus.   He also leaked secret information about the U.S.-Israeli cyberwarfare against Iran and the use of drones to target and kill muzzie terrorists.

Obama created an illegal gunrunning program to Mexican thugs, resulting in the use of those weapons in multiple crimes, including the murders of two U.S. Border agents. Both Obama and Eric Holder have lied, obstructed justice, prevented witness testimonies, and retaliated against ATF agents who refused to go along with the coverup. There‚Äôs also strong evidence that Holder intended to use the gunrunning operation as a political maneuver against the 2nd Amendment.

Obama, Holder, Napolitano, and other corrupt members of his regime have committed enough criminal offenses to land them in prison for years.

Everytime Matthews fawns over Obama, my gaydar goes off.  Note to Chrissy: Fer gawd’s sake, get up off your knees and wipe your chin.

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3 thoughts on “Chris Matthews Gushes: ‘Obama is the Perfect American’ and if You Don’t Agree, You’re Racist’”

  1. off the reservation


    I work a circuit of ranches for folks and come into Austin from time to time to get my equipment or stow it. First noticed the sign for 90.1FM hanging off of a house on MOPAC to the east side of the highway heading north. I think that it was right before the exit for 45th st or 2222. Good station.

    Out of Austin, 1200 WOAI is all that I can get.

    You need not worry. I research my targets well. I plan my work. When the time comes, I will work my plan. That is the big thing I like about the town. Lots of libertarians. Many Ron Paul supporters and Alex is a hoot! You guys be good to Alex. We need more people like him. He pisses off the liberals and that can only be a good thing.


  2. Don’t be so quick to write off Austin. We have a lot of libertarians here, and 90.1 FM as well! That being said, yes, the limo liberal here are a dime a dozen.

  3. off the reservation


    I have spent my time getting to know the liberal crowds in Austin. Noting where they congregate, where they live, what they drive, observing their habits and nature. The behavior exhibited by this Matthews character is not unusual. Never question the policies of their messiah in front of them. When they get started discussing their chosen one, it looks just like a muzzie call to prayers.

    I really hope that he is voted out of office. Given the rampant fraud in the voting system and SEIU control over most of the equipment, difficult to say that the Chicago thug machine can be overcome. If not, Napolitano (aka, Skunk-Head Butch) has built a formidable “police” organization.

    Make your list of local liberals. Prepare well. They believe that I am just a poor dumb injun that is there to look after their horses and cattle. Stroke their ego. They are lazy and unprepared. They are like the squirrels they feed here in Austin, so fat and naive they fall from the trees, they are easily drawn to congregate in the open, they move very slowly, they are unaware of their surroundings. Good hunting.

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