Romney Slams SCOAMF-in-Chief for Failed Economy and Insulting Business Owners

It’s about time Mitt got some fire in his belly.

Via Powerline.

After his strong speech in Pennsylvania yesterday, Mitt Romney continues to pour it on. In a little while he will speak at a town hall event in Ohio, and he isn’t giving Obama any quarter. Here are excerpts from his prepared remarks:

“We have a jobs crisis in this country, a real emergency. Yet President Obama seems to have just given up on the economy. He hasn’t convened a meeting with his jobs council in six months, but has held more than a hundred fundraisers for his campaign. The only job he is interested in saving is his own. …

Obama’s insult of business owners was shockingly revealing, insulting and dismissive America’s entrepreneurs. In a world where “somebody else” – government – builds businesses and creates prosperity, it makes sense to raise taxes on small business owners and create more and more layers of bureaucracy to manage the economy. I understand that we need to unleash the private sector and encourage small business owners, not punish them with higher taxes and burdensome regulations. This is the difference between a bottom-up economy driven by the innovative spirit of America and a top-down economy driven by the government.

What made President Obama’s comments so insightful is that they reflect the policies he’s pursued in office – policies that reward people for who they know, not what they know. While he gave taxpayer money and special carve-outs to friends, donors, supporters, and special interest groups, the middle class has been working harder for less. This has to end, and it will when I am president.”

Obama’s disdain for successful entrepreneurs is rooted in his Marxist upbringing and has manifest itself through every policy he’s forced on the country, and every speech he gives. He had no fucking business being a Senator let alone presidential candidate. Obama has never earned any position he’s had. He’s never actually worked for a living or been held accountable for  his actions.  This sub par excuse for a human got by on affirmative action, charisma, arm-twisting, and being a member of radical groups with powerful connections. 

B. Hussein is the quintessential Peter Principle.  He was foisted into the world’s most powerful office by an adoring media, liberal college students, leftwingnut effetes, and a  particular demographic that votes pigment over substance.

Dickbags like Obama should be vetted thoroughly before even being permitted to think about running for office. Don’t expect that kind of scrutiny from the main stream media, unless the candidate is Republican. Obama’s  incompetent narcissistic traits are bolstered by his Dem pals and nauseating media lapdogs.

This cannot be said enough: He is totally unfit to lead a Democratic Republic.  

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1 thought on “Romney Slams SCOAMF-in-Chief for Failed Economy and Insulting Business Owners”

  1. off the reservation

    This attitude from the head sack of shit in charge of the White House, is an attitude that nobody has rights. This is a man who believes that the government owns everything including your life. Everything is a commodity that he manipulates on a whim. In his system, we have no unalienable rights and the Bill of Rights is something that needs to be eliminated.

    Look at his concept of health care. We are not the ones in charge of our bodies. That is what his panels are for. We cannot own guns to defend ourselves. Only the government has the guns. We cannot speak where Obama says that we cannot speak, otherwise the Secret Service will kick our ass. We are nothing more than cattle to this Obama and his liberals. Pretty much the same relationship that existed between King George and the colonists in the late 1700s. In his mind, King George was above man. Obama sees himself anointed above man.

    So when the government is everything and the person is nothing, abuse is the only outcome. We have a President who can target any US citizen anywhere in the world and have that person killed without any judicial review. Like everything that has happened to bring us to where we are, the liberals find an extreme situation to enact a new law or executive order and leave the law so vague that we are left with our naked asses draped over the hood of one of Napalitano’s armored vehicles ripe for the baton enema.

    The abuses are becoming numerous. It is time for us to return to reiterating that there are basic truths that are self evident, that we are all created equal, that no one man is elevated above all others like Obama or King George. Most fundamental of all, that we were created with UNalienable Rights. We CANNOT be divorced of these RIGHTS by any filthy tyrant that happens upon the scene and is elevated by a mob. And maybe, the time to reconstitute these rights is upon us and that cost once is again in blood.

    If I am to be forced to be any man’s slave then I will kill this man, kill his wife, kill his children, and destroy all that he owns. I do this so all other men may know the cost of subjugating the Rights of any man. I am not a slave. I am not a subject. I am not property of the State.

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