CNN: Calling Nikolas Cruz a ‘Savage’ is “Harmful”

Seriously? This little monster shot up a school, killing 17 students, but calling him a ‘savage sicko’ is offensive.

Rush Limbaugh sums it up nicely:

……CNN tweeted last night, “President Donald Trump described someone who would shoot up a school as a ‘savage sicko.’ … NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch described the gunman as ‘an insane monster’ who is ‘nuts’ and ‘crazy.’” This kind of “language about mental health could be harmful, experts say.” Are you kidding me? So CNN — in its literal trashy, garbage existence — has to tweet out last night… They are so poisoned and obsessed with hatred for Trump that they’re now coming to the defense of the shooter!

Because for Trump to refer to the shooter as a “savage sicko,” or for the NRA spokeswoman to refer to him as an “insane monster,” this kind of language is unhelpful, “experts say.” This kind of language could be harmful, “experts say.” So I figured if there is a tweet, then CNN’s actually promoting a story. And, lo and behold, I next found the story. “Trump’s Language on School Shooter’s Mental Health Could Be Harmful, Experts Say,” and after repeating what I just said as the opening paragraph, it says:

“And at a White House briefing Thursday, the president again used the term ‘sicko.’ The shooter, Nikolas Cruz, struggled with depression, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism, according to a 2016 Florida Department of Children and Families report. But having a mental health diagnosis does not mean he would become violent, many experts say. And although Trump has said he wants to focus on mental health to stop school shootings, calling Cruz a ‘sicko’ doesn’t help, those experts claim.

“‘When it comes to mental health, language really matters. This is not about being politically…’ said [a] senior policy adviser with the National Alliance on Mental Illness.” What is the guy gonna do in jail? Go grab a gun and start shooting people again? Do you understand this? This has become… If anybody’s mentally ill, it is the combined employment at CNN. If anybody has lost their grip, if anybody has become so obsessed with one human being that they will not stop until they have wreaked every bit of damage they can, it is CNN. I’ve never seen anything like this, and I have seen a lot in my 30 years.


The media, CNN in particular, has reached levels of autism that shouldn’t be possible.  Depending on who commits the gun related crime, the media selectively blames the shooter, the weapon, society, the NRA, whichever fits their narrative. Their sympathies depend on who the victims and perpetrators are. When rabid leftwingnut James Hodgekinson showed up at a D.C. baseball game and shot Republicans, libturds took to social media and praised his atrocity.

It’s not really about guns anyway. It’s about controlling the population and pushing their agenda. Criminals couldn’t care less.

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