CNN Caught With Fake Gaza Video

Big Hat Tip to Charles Johnson from Little Green Footballs:

The popular American blog Little Green Footballs (LGF), run by Charles Johnson, has uncovered several discrepancies in a video report from Gaza that purports to show the death and burial of a 12-year-old boy. The video was aired on CNN and Channel 4 news in Britain.

The dramatic video shows last-ditch efforts to save the life of young Mahmoud Mashharawi, news anchors said. However, Mahmoud cannot be revived, and the video moves on to show his grieving family and the beginnings of a hasty burial. The video footage was allegedly recorded by none other than Mahmoud’s older brother, Ashraf Mashharawi, a freelance photographer in Gaza.

The Mashharawi family claimed that Mahmoud and a 14-year-old cousin were killed by an Israeli drone while playing on their rooftop. Relatives blamed a small guided missile fired by the unmanned drone for the boys’ death. Their claim was repeated by news anchors, with a British reporter making the dramatic proclamation that, “Israel, equipped with the most technologically advanced guided missiles and video target selection that America can supply had selected, targeted and killed two more children in Gaza.”

The family did not explain how it was known that a drone was responsible, and no member of the family claimed to have witnessed the attack itself. IDF spokesmen say they are unfamiliar with any such incident.

Johnson began questioning the report soon after it aired. It opens with doctors supposedly making frantic efforts to save the child, but as talkbacks on the LGF site pointed out, the doctors were lightly massaging the child’s stomach and not frantically pounding his chest as one might expect.

Other members of the site soon raised similar questions, asking why the boy did not appear to be receiving any transfusions or medication while doctors reportedly tried to save him, why the rooftop on which he was allegedly killed appeared damaged over only a small area and why pictures of the boy showed no injury to his face or head while an accompanying CNN report said he had been “hit in the head and all over his body by shrapnel.”

Link to the CNN report.

The site’s members quickly began demanding that CNN and Ashraf Mashharawi release the original footage that was edited to become the CNN report. The demands were rebuffed by reporter Paul Martin, who first sent Mashharawi’s film to Western media.

After making statements praising Mashharawi as a professional and respected reporter, Martin contacted the LGF site to defend his video. Martin attacked Johnson and LGF for questioning the footage, saying, “No one in their right mind would suggest that any person would allow doctors to play games with a dying or dead younger brother. The idea is bizarre and deeply insulting…. I think a decent apology to Ashraf might be in order.”

However, Martin’s letter raised new questions, as he admitted to having sent the video to major media outlets without actually watching it beforehand.

Meanwhile, CNN and other outlets say the video is genuine, a claim they base on Martin’s firm support for Mashharawi.

Johnson and his supporters have uncovered major cases of news-related fraud in the past. Little Green Footballs was behind the discovery of photo manipulation regarding a story on an Iranian missile test, and also uncovered several photoshopped images and staged pictures from southern Lebanon during the Second Lebanon War. In addition, the site has been the first to break shocking images from anti-Israel and anti-U.S. rallies from across America.

The video is a fake, and CNN was complicit. It was an acting job on the part of a terror-supporting Norwegian doctor. Ths whole fucking charade was picked apart by Johnson and some alert posters at his site.

More links:
CNN has defended this garbage by insisting that it’s genuine. It’s about as genuine as the Dan Rather documents on George W. Bush’s supposed ‘AWOL’ status from the Texas Air National Guard.

Congratulations, CNN. You’re officially an Hamas front.

4 thoughts on “CNN Caught With Fake Gaza Video”

  1. Free Palestina!!
    Boicot a Israel!
    No compres ningun producto que tenga el codigo de barra que empieze con 729
    Boycott to Israel!
    Don’t buy any product that has the bar code starting with 729.
    Viva Palestina!
    Israel is a terrorist state!
    Israel es un estado terrorista!

    1. Harleken,

      This is not a “press 1 for English” site. Use the language of this country, and no translations will be necessary.

      Secondly, the last I checked there is no “Palestine”. Good luck with finding a “Palestine” on a world map.

      And lastly, as far as Israel is concerned, the more Islamofascist scumbags they send to hell, the better.

      SFC MAC

  2. Hippocratic somersault – CNN is playing dishonest, then your critics comes forth, then they will sort of apologize… You guys are good buddies. How many face-true-fake images were shown from 1991-1999 so that NATO can bomb Yugoslavia. Do not worry, they will not bomb Israel at any rate… sleep well.

    1. Igo,

      Your IP address indicates a location outside of Vancouver, but judging by your manner of speech, I guessed right way that you’re an immigrant not native to Canada. Igo Pavlov? Czechoslovakian? Am I close?

      Anyway, as for your reference to ‘bombing Yugoslavia’: keep in mind that Bill Clinton had to have a wag-the-dog to divert attention away from his treason (Chinagate), his theft of personal files (FBIgate), his perjury during his impeachment, and all the other felonies he and Al Gore commited.

      “Face-true-fake images?” You mean like all the “fake” victims slaughtered at Srebrenica thanks to Milosevic, Karadic, and Mladic?

      Srebrenica reburies 308 victims of massacre
      Thousands mark 13th anniversary of Europe’s worst post-WWII massacre

      Besides, what are you complaining about? The Bosnian muslims? Or the Islamofascist muslims in the Middle East getting their commupance?

      In any case, here’s my input on the (former) Yugoslavia:

      I served at Eagle Base in Tuzla, Bosnia, with SFOR in 1999. There are no good guys there. The Croations, Serbs, and Bosniaks have slaughtered each other for centuries. Each “ethnic group” has taken their turn at being the massacrer. The only reason they took a 50-year break from that was because Marshall Josip Broz Tito, though not a good friend of the Soviets, was still a strong enough dictator to keep a lid on the insurrection pressure cooker. After his death the ethnic tension grew, the Berlin Wall fell, and Yugoslavia went batshit crazy. The irony is, in spite of their different religious denominations, they’re all Slavic. Every god-damned one of them.

      As far as I’m concerned they could have killed each other to their heart’s content, without us ever getting involved.

      The difference between the Balkans and the Middle East is the origin of the Islamic terrorists who wish to destroy Western civilization. Most of them are bred, funded, and indoctrinated in the Middle East. Hence, the focus on places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, and Gaza.

      I sleep very well, thank you.

      SFC MAC

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