CNN Hacks Are Out of Control


From PJ Media:

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo went ballistic over the weekend, spewing profanities and threatening throw a man down the stairs after he called him “Fredo.”
“I’ll f*cking ruin your sh*t! I’ll f*cking throw you down these stairs like a f*cking punk!” Cuomo bellowed.
As anyone who has watched The Godfather knows, “Fredo” is a slur that is often used to insult someone as the weakest member of a family or the black sheep who constantly screws up. In the classic 1972 film, Fredo Corleone was Michael’s dim older brother, who was considered to be the failure of the family.


Apparently, Fredo Cuomo forgot that he called himself Fredo in a 2010 interview.


Don Lemon, who declared that “the biggest terror threat in this country is white men”, apparently can’t keep himself from making sexual advances toward them:

Dustin Hice, the man accusing Lemon of assault, claimed that the CNN host attacked him at Sag Harbor dive bar Murf’s in July 2018. Hice, who was working at the time at another Hamptons bar, alleged that one night at Murf’s he recognized Lemon there. Hice offered to buy him a drink, which the CNN host declined.

Later in the night, according to Hice, Lemon approached him and his group of friends and, after putting his hand down his shorts he “vigorously rubbed his genitalia” and “shoved his index and middle fingers into [Hice’s] moustache.”


Journo April Ryan has a history full of embarrassing statementsunhinged rants, and stunning ignorance of basic facts.

She also likes to sic body guards on people who video her speeches.

Via Gateway Pundit

April Ryan’s bodyguard assaulted a local reporter in New Brunswick on Saturday night.

Charlie Kratovil, a local reporter with New Brunswick Today was filming her speech when April Ryan paused and sent her bodyguard over to deal with him.

The bodyguard, later identified as Joel Morris, took the reporter’s camera and then twisted his arm and tossed him from the building.




It also likes to incite violence and praise the thugs who carry it out.

The network is a cesspool of radical, racist, hate-spewing, anti-America Proglodytes and their ratings are in the toilet.

What a collection of raving moonbats.



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