CNN Releases Photo of Scapegoat Nakoula Basseley Nakoula

CNN reporter Miguel Marquez, ranted about Nakoula’s legal problems as if it has any bearing on the video and blamed the video as if it were a justification for the muslim violence.

From Breitbart.

This morning on CNN, the identity and past of scapegoated filmmaker Nikoula Nikoula was revealed to American audiences despite the private citizen’s extraordinary attempts to conceal his identity.
During his late night frog march with Los Angeles County Deputies last week, Nikoula wore a heavy winter coat, scarf and hat with sunglasses to conceal his identity, this despite a heat wave that has left Southern California sweltering even in the middle of the night.  The efforts to conceal his identity was due to death threats made against him from radical Islamist terrorists who, according to the White House, see the YouTube video Nikoula produced as justification for cold-blooded murder.

……CNN acknowledged this fact and then went on to show a picture of Nikoula as well as reveal information that they boastfully said they “dug up” on the filmmaker.  CNN went on to editorialize by saying the film would be “Oscar worthy, if HATEFUL were a category.”

Libtards criticize Nakoula and even call for his death,  just like the peace-loving, tolerant muslims. There’s a lot of hateful “free speech” rhetoric coming from the mouths and films of Hollywood and media effetes that I’d like to see squelched, too.  Do I get to go on a rampage outside their mansions and burn their gated communities?
Anyone who really believes this latest round of muzzie violence is because of a video, is stupid beyond belief.

CNN’s politicizing and outing of Nakoula is typical for a network known for its leftwing slant. This is the same group of shitbags who maintained their news bureau in Iraq while covering up Saddam Hussein’s atrocities.  Nice job, Marquez.  Blaming a video on world-wide Islamofascist violence that has happened for decades, takes a crap factory for a brain.  All it takes is criticism of a 7th Century muzzie zealot who wrote a misogynist, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian screed to get them all riled up.  Right. This is just another day in the jihad.

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