Congressional Tea Party Caucus Starts Today

The House Republicans are organizing a Tea Party caucus. If they’re smart, they’ll incorporate the movement’s principles into the Republican platform.

……A big Capitol Hill Tea Party starts Wednesday at 9 a.m — the first official meeting of the Congressional Tea Party Caucus.
At least eight House members, all Republicans, are joining the Tea Party Caucus. The members include Reps. Mike Pence of Indiana, Pete Hoekstra of Michigan, Paul Broun of Georgia, Todd Tiahrt of Kansas, John Carter of Texas, Cliff Stearns of Florida and Dan Burton of Indiana.
Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota championed the effort by asking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ,D-Calif., late last week if she would allow lawmakers to form such an organization.
Caucuses are informal groups sanctioned by the House.

I’m suprised Pelosi didn’t give Bachman crap over this, considering her hatred of patriots.

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