JournoList Showed Maudlin Euphoria at Obama’s Election

More inanity from the leftwingnuts who comprised the JournoList. These comments were made in the days following THE ONEs coronation.

Some examples:

Nov. 3:

DAVID ROBERTS, GRIST: It’s all I can do not to start bawling.

LUKE MITCHELL, HARPER’S: I’m picturing something like VJ Day in Times Square. Seriously!

JOHN BLEVINS, SOUTH TEXAS COLLEGE OF LAW: It’s all I can do to hold it together.

Nov. 4:

MOIRA WHELAN, NATIONAL SECURITY NETWORK: I’m looking across the street at my polling place, and the line is wrapped around the block. I nearly burst into tears when I saw it. I’m feeling like today is closing the door on a terrible era, and opening another. I’m glad you started this thread because I was feeling kind of like I was the only one who is deeply emotional today.

HENRY FARRELL, GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY: I had to close my office door yesterday because I was watching YouTube videos of elderly African Americans saying what this meant to them and tearing up.

JOSH BEARMAN, LA WEEKLY: 11 months ago I burst into tears by myself on a plane while watching Hardball when my mind wandered to the image of President Obama being sworn in. I’ve been fighting it ever since.



STEVEN TELES, YALE UNIVERSITY: I’m not sure why, but this part of the Battle Hymn of the Republic came to me . . . . Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! Since God is marching on.

SPENCER ACKERMAN: [quoting Obama] “…we may not get there in one year or in one term, but America I promise you, we as a people will get there.”



HAROLD POLLACK, UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO: I am awed by the responsibility we have taken on. Tomorrow a desperately ill African-American woman will present at my university hospital for care, and she will be turned away.  She will expect us to live up to what we feel tonight. So we’ve got a lot to live up to.

(BTW: Michelle Obama was responsible for creating the very UC Hospitals’ indigent patient dumping program Pollack complains of:,CST-NWS-hosp23.article)

Nov. 5

MOIRA WHELAN, NATIONAL SECURITY NETWORK: I’ve never felt anything like U Street tonight. Huging, kissing strangers…everything.

Gawd, cry me a fucking river. Now that Hopey-Changey’s approval rate is at 26%, let’s catch up on the media Apparatchiks’ opinions on THE ONE.

David Roberts, who could barely keep from bawling, announced late in 2009, that B. Hussein “is not Bagger Vance”.

Frank Rich, one of Obama’s most loyal lapdogs, recently wrote this:

The leadership shortfall we’ve witnessed during Obama’s yearlong health care march . . . missed deadlines, the foggy identification of his priorities, the sometimes abrupt shifts in political tone and strategy . . . theories as to why Obama has disappointed in Year One . . . In governing, Obama has yet to find a theme that is remotely as arresting to the majority of Americans . . . there is no consistent, clear message . . . the bill became a mash-up that baffled or defeated those Americans on his side and was easily caricatured as a big-government catastrophe .

Obama boot-lickers Maureen Dowd, David Brooks, and even prissy little Andrew Sullivan, have expressed hurtful dismay at the heretofore Saint Barack.

Not one year into his tenure, the Euro Left had hissy fits.

Gee, with all this buyer’s remorse you have to wonder how they could have missed his avowed intentions throughout the campaign.  His philosophy,  friends, mentors and associates, were all leftist radicals with an Anti-Democracy chip on their shoulders.

He said he was going to “fundamentally change” America, and that’s exactly what he’s doing.  That “change” involves socialist doctrine and lots of spending for the cause. He’s vacillated on Iraq and Afghanistan, but not enough for the defeatists.   His leftwing supporters have discovered what we’ve always known; he’s a Marxist Chicago thug seizing power and control.

When it comes to crisis, the suave, smooth-talking bullshitter can’t think or decide his way out of a wet paper sack.

Welcome to the post-euphoric ObamaNation.

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