Crown Prince of the Saudi Swine Comes to America for Medical Treatment

Thank you, filthy infidels.

Wanna bet he won’t get groped by the TSA when he arrives, even though Saudi Arabia is a terrorist facilitator?

The report on the Saudi Press Agency said the prince would visit for `some medical tests` and gave no more details.

Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz left Saudi Arabia for the United States on Sunday for medical check ups, state media reported. Royal and diplomatic sources said he would be treated for cancer.

The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said the prince, thought to be in his early 80s, was visiting the United States for “some medical tests”, but gave no more details. A source close to the crown prince and a senior Western diplomat both said he would require surgery to treat cancer.

Saudi Arabia has what we’ll be stuck with if it’s not repealed: government-run health care. Evidently, the “quality” of medical treatment in the Sultan’s Islamic cesspool of a country, isn’t good enough for the Wahabist elites.
If ObamaCare kicks in by 2014, where will the Brits, Canadians, and rich muzzies go for treatment?

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