Newsweek Portrays Obama as Lord Shiva

Newsweek was one of the slobbering media that pushed Obama as a Christ-like figure. Now he’s Shiva.
He’s gone from a “sort of god” to the GOD OF ALL THINGS.

Newsweek’s depiction of Obama on its latest cover has irked some Indian Americans who, fresh off Obama’s visit to the world’s largest democracy, are not happy with the image of the U.S. president as the Hindu deity, Lord Shiva.

The Newsweek cover shows Obama with several arms carrying policy issues while balancing on one leg. The headline reads: “God of All Things” with a subtitle, “Why the Modern Presidency May be too Much for One Person to Handle.”

Shiva, who is one of three pre-eminent gods in the Hindu religion along with Brahma and Vishnu, is considered the destroyer of the world, which must end, metaphorically speaking, in order to be reborn as a more universalistic place. However, the god’s purpose is not to foretell an apocalyptic ending.

Their little Golden Boy is overwhelmed, it seems. The media hacks propped up this immature, inexperienced, socialist “community organizer” as if he were the Second Coming of Christ. Juggling all of the responsibilities of the Leader of the Free World should have been accomplished simply by the gleam in his eyes and a flash of his smile. (I just threw up a little in my mouth)
The rest of the world finally shook itself out of the Obamessiah fog and is now in a kind of remorseful funk. He has disappointed them on a grand scale:

Europe’s disappointment with President Barack Obama’s presidency was laid bare Thursday as the EU’s most senior figure called for a dramatic effort to revive transatlantic relations.

The president of the European Commission said the new era at the White House was in danger of becoming a “missed opportunity” for Europe.

José Manuel Barroso said the EU-U.S. relationship was not living up to its potential. The criticism follows a series of fundamental disagreements on how to deal with the economic crisis, climate change and trade reform.

The feelings of a deepening rift are mutual. Senior U.S. figures said Obama could never live up to Europe’s sky-high expectations.

Barroso revealed his frustrations with Washington during a wideranging interview in which he also admitted that the euro had acted like a “sleeping pill,” luring some countries to the edge of economic disaster with an “illusion of prosperity.”

It has been a fractious few months for EU-U.S. relations, culminating in a fundamental clash of ideas at the G20 summit between Europe’s austerity strategy for ending the economic crisis and Obama’s call to maintain fiscal stimulus.

That is incredibly ironic. For decades the Eurotrash turned their noses up at America’s economic policies. Now that the consequences of socialist economics has hit the fan in Greece, France, Brussels, Italy, Spain, and Latvia, we are witnessing riots and protesting on the part of an entitlement culture in response to austerity measures.

Tens of thousands of people from around Europe have marched across Brussels in a protest against spending cuts by some EU governments.
Spain has held a general strike, with protesters in Barcelona clashing with police and torching a police car.
Other protests against austerity measures have been held in Greece, Italy, the Irish Republic and Latvia.

The Euros are lamenting the fact that Obama wants to continue a spend/bailout/takeover spree that got them in the same mess. Since they’ve been practicing Marxist economics since the middle of the nineteenth century, it’s a little late to complain.

Obama and his band of Dem thugs in Congress and Senate pushed through the very kind of “change” that saturates any socialist wet dream, but the ensuing chaos, dissent from patriots, and heckling from his leftwing supporters for not being leftwing enough, has put a crimp in THE ONE’s juggling act.

Obama’s politburo never intended to keep this country strong economically or otherwise. That “fundamental transformation” he touted during the campaign, was a vision to destroy America from the inside out; to rid us of our demonic exceptionalism in exchange for global multiculturalism.

The job of a president and their cabinet is to handle a multitude of domestic and foreign policy problems with a crisis or two thrown in. The problem is, Obama’s cabinet is just as much of a miserable socialist disaster as he is.

Neither could juggle their way out of a fucking wet paper sack.

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