Cruz’ Upset of Dewhurst in Texas Shows Tea Party Still in Full Swing

From the Houston Chronicle.

Texas’ drift toward the Tea Party brand of GOP conservatism continued Tuesday when lawyer Ted Cruz scored a surprisingly easy win over David Dewhurst in the Republican primary runoff for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Kay Bailey Hutchison.

Cruz once was considered a long shot to take down well-heeled Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst – the favorite of the party establishment and Hutchison’s heir apparent. But he steadily gained in the polls during their bare-knuckles campaign brawl, and his lead opened up as soon as the earliest returns were posted. By 8:30 p.m. the Associated Press had named Cruz the winner, and within an hour Dewhurst called Cruz to concede.

“Wow! We did it!,” Ted Cruz told a jam-packed crowd of supporters at the J.W. Marriott Hotel near the Galleria. He reminded them that when he started his campaign, he was largely unknown. “This is a victory for the grassroots, We should take it as a providential sign that today would be the 100th birthday of Milton Friedman,” he said.

In spite of Harry Reid’s wishful wet dreams of the Tea Party disappearing once the economy improves, the movement has only gained momentum and influence the longer Obama stays in office, the Dems pull their usual shit, and certain members of the GOP don’t stick with Constitutional principles and fiscal common sense.

Looks like the Tea Party will be around for a awhile.

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