More Craptastic ‘Hope and Change’: Unemployment Now at 8.3%

The  “official” unemployment rate is 8.3%, but when you factor in people who can’t work, won’t work, have stopped looking for work, are ‘underemployed’, and whose unemployment benefits ran out, it’s actually 15.1%

Obamanomics has taken its toll on our economy with $5 trillion more added to the debt, and millions more unemployed and on food stamps, yet he still believes his socialist train wreck has rescued America from the evil clutches of capitalism.
In fact, unemployment been above 8% for 41 straight months; the longest stretch on record.   150,000 dropped out of the work force in July.  And yet this shit sandwich is being presented as if it were filet mignon.

Not to worry though, all he has to do is blame Bush.

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