Dem Barbara Boxer Mugged in Oakland

She was just introduced to Karma. Too bad it doesn’t happen to Dems more often.

BizPac Review

Former Sen. Barbara Boxer was mugged in the Jack London Square neighborhood of Oakland, Calif., on Monday, putting a whole different light on the city’s efforts to steer funding away from its police department.

The great irony of the assault and theft was that it happened just a few blocks from where the region’s top federal and local law enforcement representatives held a press conference an hour earlier pledging to take a tougher stance against criminals to deter violence, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

“He pushed me very hard… and before I could follow him, he grabbed my phone,” the 80-year-old Democrat told CBS San Francisco. “I’m not physically hurt at all, I’m just shook up.”

……Like many Democrat-run cities, Oakland is experiencing a surge in violent criminal activity. Citing police data, the newspaper reported that homicides spiked to 75 as of Friday, compared to 45 by the same date in 2020 and 2019. Carjackings and assaults with a firearm were more than double the mid-2019 totals — overall robberies were “on par with pre-pandemic numbers.”

Last month, the Oakland City Council passed a two-year budget that cut $18.4 million from the mayor’s proposed spending on policing to fund violence prevention measures and social services, according to the Chronicle.

……Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter responded to Boxer’s mugging in a tweet: “Well, let’s just hope she was able to give a good suspect description to the responding social workers.”


I wonder if she filed a report with the police department that Oakland defunded.

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